Importance of Living Guru by Mandhir Bajaj Singapore

Importance of Living Guru

by Mandhir Bajaj, Singapore

My fellow human beings, greetings.

God is like a source of light, white light. That light shines towards mankind, but there is a prism between mankind and God, and that prism is perception. The prism separates that white light into several colors and these colours and shades are what is known as religion.

Definitely this light is from nowhere but God, these religions are from God. However, presently these religions do not have a living guru. They have scriptures, which tell us what the Prophets and Gurus have done and said. However, the message the scriptures are trying to convey is often not interpreted as it should be interpreted or was intended to be interpreted by its authors.

An example of this is the concept of jihad. It was never meant for evil, but it has been perceived wrongly by some of its readers and its consequences have been severe and it has done nothing but evil.

What a living guru does is that he removes the prism of perception and shows the light emanating from God for what it is, what it should be understood or perceived as, and how God wants it to be understood as.

In the land of Jesus, a room had one window which was at the top of the wall, so there was not much light in the room and a lamp had to be placed to illuminate the room. Jesus said that one should place the lamp at a high place so that its light can spread all over the room and that the room, thus, should be well illuminated.

In the present day, we know who our living guru is and we should use the fact that he is living, to remove the prism of perception of the Holy Scriptures that we read. We should learn as much as we can from him so that we see God's light for what it is, and for what it should be seen as and thus achieve salvation as good human beings so that we deserve being one with God, as that is our ultimate objective.

* * *