If U can U Should by Sweta Kochhar, Delhi

If U can U Should

by Sweta Kochhar, Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi

Once I was standing in a queue.

I stood long as my turn was not due.

A little boy of two or three came towards me.

He was holding his knee.

His knee was badly hurt.

As there was a big cut.

He was bleeding too.

And people caring for him were few.

I gave him the money I had.

And decided to take more from dad.

But still I could hear him cry.

I had a feeling his tears would never dry.

Meanwhile a lady appeared.

She held the boy and voice of cry disappeared.

She washed the wound and bandaged it.

She sat and asked the boy to sit.

But the boy ran towards me.

Returned my money and showed his bandaged knee.

He opened my eyes. His message was bigger than his size.

Its truly said, helping is good

Bet serving is far better and if you can, you should.

* * *