How To Hold Faith In Troublesome Time by Chander Nayyar, USA

How To Hold Faith In Troublesome Time

by Chander Nayyar, Georgia, USA

Do you ever feel as if life is one challenge after another? Perhaps you are one of thousands who struggles to keep your home, feed your family, or stay employed. Or maybe your battle involves your health, your marriage, or a rebellious child. Whatever form it takes, hardship comes to every life sooner or later. You and I live in a fallen world. Even as believers, we have no guarantee that our lives will be easy. However, we don’t have to be anxious in the midst of difficulty. God’s Word provides four foundational truths that will help us face troublesome times with confidence. SCRIPTURAL PROMISES: God controls our circumstances. All the Holy Scriptures says, “The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, and His sovereignty reigns over all.” This promise is the basis of our confidence in troubled times. We can be sure that the Father (God) will bring good even out of negative experiences in the lives of those who love Him. Many people think the Gur-Sikh (Disciple) life is supposed to be trouble free. But the none of the Holy Scripture ever promises a comfortable life. Instead, the God’s goal for us is to learn how to depend on Him and become more like Sat-Guru .To learn how to rely on God, we must first realize how much we need Him. That is one reason why He allows difficulty in our lives. Other people have a limited degree of freedom to sin against us, and the God also permits disease, natural disaster, and other tragedy. Despite this, we can have confidence based on two facts: (1) Nothing can happen to one of God’s children unless He allows it; and (2) If the Lord allows adversity, He will bring good out of it somehow. God will meet our needs. Our most beloved Sat-Guru says, “If God is for us, who is against us? How will He not also give us freely all things?” In other words, we should not doubt that He will provide for us. Although we have the freedom to pray about everything, Scripture tells us that God knows what we lack before we even ask “My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory through our Lord (Sat-Guru”) –Bible Notice that this verse does not promise that we will get everything we want from God. In fact, if the Lord gave us all we desire, you and I would certainly regret some of our requests. Our heavenly Father (God) knows what to withhold and what to give us. Why does God allow some prayers to go unanswered? There are two primary reasons: He wants to teach us to depend on Him, or He has something better for us. Remember that the God’s ultimate purpose is to conform us into the image of His Ambassador (Sat-Guru), not to grant our wishes or make our lives comfortable. But we can learn how to be content in every situation and circumstance, we find ourselves trusting God to supply us with whatever we truly need God is always with us. Holy Scriptures assure us that nothing can separate us from the love of our Sat-Guru and God. The problem comes when you and I rely on our feelings instead of on the truth of Our beloved Sat-Guru as well as God’s Word. Certainly, there are times when we might not sense His presence. And when the Father (God) doesn’t answer in our timing or not as we expected, we might wonder if He even hears our prayers. But if you have accepted His messenger (Sat-Guru Baba Hardev Ji) as your personal Savior, the power of God is living within you, and He is aware of your every thought. Our Savior (Sat-Guru) promised, “I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you.”His presence can comfort us, heal us, transform our circumstances, and bless us in countless ways. For instance, Scripture says God already sees Gur-Sikhs (believers) as glorified—holy and without sin—just as we will be in eternity. The promise of God’s presence is exclusively for those who have accepted His messenger (Sat-Guru) as Savior. “No one comes to the Father but through Me” (Sat-Guru). Bible-(John 14:6). Apart from accepting the gift of salvation and forgiveness through our beloved Sat-Guru, sinful man cannot access the presence of Holy God. That’s why the only person who can always feel the presence of God is the one who has unconditionally surrendered to our beloved Sat-Guru Baba Hardev Ji . God loves us with an eternal love. If you were to ask the average person, “Do you believe God loves you?” few people would be sure. But the Lord does love His creation because His very nature is love. God loves us even when we sin although He despises our ungodly behavior. In love, He will discipline us to keep us from hurting or destroying ourselves. In every Holy book, every single verse is an expression of God’s love. , His love causes all things to work together for good for our sakes. In love, He foreknew and predestined us to become like His messenger (Sat-Guru). God predestined, called, justified, and glorified us because of His love. No one can successfully come against us because of our heavenly God’s loving protection. He gave His messenger (Sat-Guru) out of love to us to guide and council. We see that God justifies us and saves us from condemnation because of love. “Who will separate us from the love of our beloved Sat-Guru and God?”Ultimately, our faith concludes that nothing can. In short, our beloved Sat-Guru teaches believers that no matter what you face, you can come out richer spiritually than when we started. If anyone surrenders to our beloved Sat-Guru and almighty God, He will use any situation or circumstance for our good. IN CONCLUSION: Are you facing a problem that is beyond your control? Does it disrupt your peace and challenge your faith and trust in our beloved Sat-Guru and God who loved you so much. The God almighty gave us His messenger, our beloved Sat-Guru Baba Hardev Ji in order to free us from the power of sin; surely He will provide everything else we need. When unexpected tragedy or hardship comes your way, remember that your heavenly Father (God) is in control of all that happens to you. He will provide exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. The four foundational truths in this message can transform your response to difficulty. Place your trust fully in the Lord, and you will have confidence no matter what you face.

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