Hidden by Saurabh Grover, India


by Saurabh Grover Amritsar, Punjab, India

I am HIDDEN but can see everything,

Nothing is hidden from ME.

No one can hide from ME.

I am always with you,

but you CAN't feel me.

I am always with you,

but you CAN't smell me.

I am HIDDEN & cannot be seen,

But I can see everything.

I am not Hidden but Hidden.

I am always seen but Hidden.

I 'm always present but absent.

Hidingly done or done Hidingly,

Nothing is Hidden from ME.

You CAN feel Me,

You CAN touch Me,

You CAN smell Me.

But being visible, I am always Hidden.

The "HIDDEN" is me & "ME" is Hidden.

I am the "FORMLESS",I have "Many FORMS".

* * *