Heart by Mini Batra, Australia


by Mini Batra, Sydney, Australia

Heart is a small yet powerful part of the body that contains enormous emotions, energy, happiness, sorrows and memories and love. Although human body has so many different parts that perform their duties so well, the heart is the only one that has a clock inside and not only does it beep every second but also engages in other abstract elements, which can be really damaging such as ill feeling, hatred and negative thoughts.

When someone showers love to the heart then it multiplies by millions of pious thoughts and produces massive results for that person and if harmful things are thrown on this heart, it is filled with heat i.e. destruction of heart. All other parts of the body request the heart to please be happy so that we all will live longer and this robot will last more. What is the reason behind being so happy, moody, sad, enthusiastic, and in short too emotional about minor incidents. Heart is not satisfied by words, it needs blood circulation for the arteries to work normally, and that blood comes from pure love.

In today’s world the definition of Heart is H: human E: ears A: are R: really T: traumatized, they don’t listen to the heart beat of others. Tongue is the most killing factor for the heart. The tongue stands for T: torture O: of N: numerous G: giants & U: unidentified E: ego. Heart is requesting its soul to please listen to your own heartbeat that only requires love. Only Babaji has the remedy to pure the heart but for that we need to give him our heart, without that it won’t be fixed. Seva, Satsang and Simran are the three capsules for us to be swallow everyday so that one day the stones of hatred will melt and nourish red roses in the heart.

* * *