Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay by Shobhnit Kapoor, USA

Harmony makes small things grow,
lack of it makes great things decay

by Shobhnit Kapoor, USA

Saints our Satguru is spreading the message of Harmony. He wants us to live in Harmony within ourselves and with the outside world. He keeps emphasizing the importance of living with love and peace. The message of our Satguru is “Peace not Pieces.” However, today people find several excuses for clashes and disagreements due to the cultural, religious, political, social and economical reasons, which is completely opposite of what Harmony means. If we look at the dictionary musical meaning of the word “Harmony” it’s described as “The blending of two or more different musical notes at the same time in a way that is pleasant or desired.”

We were all created differently by the same creator. However, our job is to work together and live happily together so our presence is pleasant to everyone around us. At this time it is very important for the Youth to take the responsibility on their shoulders and work towards Harmony. I know we can’t change the world in a day but we can start with ourselves. Once we are in harmony with ourselves everything around us will also be in Harmony. Saints it’s time to “Think globally but act locally.” Saints we are all blessed with the three wonderful pillars that can help us bring Harmony in our lives. The three strong pillars are: Sewa, Simran and Satsang.

Sewa: The term is used to define the self-less service of humanity without want for reward. This can be achieved through many means and forms but behind this voluntary service is the most important fact of self-less intention, which counts.

Sumiran: Following God-knowledge (Brahm Gyan), the True Master asks the devotee to remember God all the time, everywhere and in all circumstances and thus make it a part of his daily life, his normal behavior. Sumiran, usually spelt here as ‘Simran’, serves as devotee’s prayer also. It keeps his or her faith in God and God-knowledge firm and steadfast.

Satsang: Gathering of devotees or enlightened beings is known as Satsang. In fact Satsang actually means to be joining with the truth. In the mission, it is believed that although for practical reasons, Satsang has been given time and place for worshipers to gather the spiritual perspective, yet one has the potential to live in a state of satsang, which is beyond any man-made constraints of time and place. Throughout the day our patience gets tested several times and at times like this it’s easy to lose our calm and get impatient.

However, in times like this we should remember the three S’s that we were blessed with to regain our Harmony. If we break the word “Harmony” into Punjabi language it breaks down to “Har” + “Mony”; which basically means “Accept” “Defeat” in English. The biggest arguments/disagreements arise when people don’t let go over their ego and don’t accept defeat. As soon as the person accepts the fault and just says sorry the other person calms down and the argument / disagreement stops and there is Harmony.

All of this can become second nature to us if we just follow the message and teachings of the Mission, since we are disciples of the Mission whose message is Universal Brotherhood. As true disciple we should see the Divine in all, and if we do that our actions will speak of Sewa. We will have the awareness of Nirankar in every breath and we will live in Harmony.

* * *