Gyan by Rinky Narwani, UAE


by Rinky Narwani, Dubai, UAE

The one that is precious and has no measure

The one that stays with us to eternity is our true treasure

The wealth and jewels come and go

But it is only the nirankar's gyaan which will stay till we go

The nirankar's gyaan is anmol

It has more value than the diamond sand gold

No end to him no start he's got

In this world it's only him we've forgot

To attain him is required only a pal

If we loose time we've lost it all

This is so because there's no guarantee of the kal

The satguru blesses us with the eyes

He is the true master, he is wise

If we posses this gyaan we have achieved it all

Because in front of it all the other jewels fall small.

* * *