Gursikh - Cetemol by Sudhir Kundi, UK

Gursikh - Cetemol

by Sudhir Kundi

Oh lord please keep my mind on track

I know now, its respect I lack

For Lord you gave me everything

All that one could desire

You gave me love, and protected me

And knowledge I couldn’t acquire

Yet despite all you’ve done for me

Despite this wisdom, this knowledge

I know I will not get a pass

From my Satguru’s college

For I havn’t surrendered my mind to him

How can I give him control?

It’s me who’s not prepared to change

But I love him with all my soul.

Contradicting myself, yet it’s so true

I don’t want to give my things

He doesn’t get angry, smiles. Forgives

And happiness he still brings.

Such a great Guru we have dear saints

Then why am I so dim?

He gives to us everything

What have I done for him?

I still get angry, I don’t forgive

I swear, I fight, I whine

I’m still filled with envy and hate

And I want everything to be mine

Oh Lord please, please forgive me

Bless me with thy grace

Protect me from the evils

Hold me in your embrace.

Guide my hand my Master

Teach me to do your will

Oh creator of the universe

Can you create such a pill?

To be taken twice a day

Like any medicine should

Call it the"Gursikh-Cetemol"

It’s bound to make us good

I so want to please you Master

Please make my dream come true

Wherever I am, whomever I’m with

I want to always see you.

* * *