God's Prudential Norms by Harish Arora, India

God's Prudential Norms

by Harish Arora, New Delhi, India

A man dies in an accident and is taken to the court of Almighty Justice among others. In the Court of God, he is being advocated by Chitragupta and on demand his debits and credits KARMAS are reconciled and as evidence is produced before him that his balance is in `Debit’ instead of `Credit ‘.

Hence, it is announced, that … “since your balance is in Debit, you have to pay a certain fee in the shape of your KARMAS in the hell.” He defends himself meticulously that whatever he has done thereon the earth (Mrityulok) is absolutely governed by God Himself and that he is not solely responsible for his Karmas there in the Mriyulok. Therefore how can he be held responsible for the entire artwork and pleads for the pardon.

He is given a chance to prove his stand against charges in the Court of Almighty that whatever is done by a human being is governed by Almighty or Almighty Itself does all such things. He is directed to produce one such example of action where almighty is responsible and not human beings.

He remembers his own meeting with an accident and he dies among others and tell that see you, your government is responsible for our accident where our bus carrying approximately 60 persons including children, women and men fell into a river out of them roughly 40 die. Now tell me are you not responsible for this act.

Then God smiles at him and coolly tells him, listen my child, you are absolutely right, whenever an action is taken I am the super power to govern them and in this particular action you are talking about, as per the norms, tenure of so called 40 human beings traveling in the bus was over in the Mriyulok hence I picked only 40 persons up out of 60. Now see if on one hand 40 die at my hands but on the other hand I saved 20 persons for which you are forgetting to take reference for.

The message is that only our Satguru takes care of all of us, in the prescribed limit taking into consideration of time in a qualitative and quantitative manner. He is the only medium who defends or advocates our case with the Almighty regardless of our KARMAS in terms of our fortune or misfortune.

* * *