Gods Grace by Shudhita Ahluwalia

Gods Grace

by Shudhita Ahluwalia

Only by God's grace we are still here

To us someday He will appear

With brilliant eyes and loving smile

With Him we'll stay for a good long while

But for now we walk this earth

Until our deaths and from our birth

To others we bring some peace and light

God is with us, although out of sight

His guiding words we hear each day

Only for a while we must stay

We lend to others a tender ear

In hopes someday that they will hear

The soothing, tender words of love

Sent to them from God above

A gentle hand wipes the tears

A warm embrace rids the fears

Look up to God; He is there

Turn around, He's everywhere

He is the smile that’s on that face

He is the shelter of this place

He is the wind that blows today

Forever with us He will stay.

* * *