God Remembrance By Sunil Mehta, Wales

God Remembrance

by Sunil Mehta, Wales

I think of you all the time

I seek you while around everyone

I understand you are all powerful

Omnipresent and Merciful

I know your messenger

I know him well

He is with me where ever I go

He keeps me bowing to the world at large

He gives me guidance as to the ebb and flow

As it says in the Bible, live in the light

So everyone lets try to do this

You know we can labour togther for goos

To attain the permanent bliss

I long for the virtues to permeate me

To ferment me into a potent mix

Of Devotion, Humility, Compassion and Love

To attend sangat as a weekly fix

I wish that I could be with Saints always

And together we can sublimate the Earth

Together we can love each other and every being

Shining the shimmering light of our worth

So lets check what we’re taught

And adhere to the advice

Do you remember what we should do?

A Universal Brotherhood, we should attain

And achieve the devotional hue.

I may not be perfect

I may not be pure

But saints I have realised this

Without the Lord, there is no life

There is no purpose to live

So put down your swords and pick up your pens

Praise him, because he praises you

Give up your ego, and attain the truth

See what is waiting for you.

God remembrance? It is totally essential

You must do it, to get along

The road is long, but my shoes are sturdy

Lets saddle up and become strong

Baba Ji says, only the strong are gentle

Well then I have to gather my strength

I have to put up with ignorance and arrogance

Only God knows for how long and to what length.

But, we can transcend, we have the truth

I hope you have realised the one

Don’t forget that without God remembrance we’re nothing

Don’t forget when I am gone

Please take heed, because its not to late,

I need God as much as you

Lets synchronize our heart beats dear saints

And begin to live a new.

* * *