Gift to God by Saurabh Grover, India

Gift to God

by Saurabh Grover, Amritsar, Punjab, India

Moving and moving in this world, I found some one who is along with me always, presenting me every thing I need.

I am just moving, and moving far and far, But HE is still there moving along with me.

The first step i take to move, HE helps me to do so.

Second step i take i put it some where, HE makes that ground where I can keep my feet.

He makes every thing possible being along.

But i m moving.

If there's dark, HE ligtens all, so i don't fall.

HE is here with me.

HE was there when i born,

HE was there before and ever.

I am Gifted By Him To Him.


* * *