Fusion For Resolution by Harpreet Gill, Canada

Fusion For Resolution

by Harpreet Gill, Canada

How Blessed am I

I couldn’t thank my Satguru enough even if I tried

Another year has passed by

My Satguru has saved me from this world’s evil eye

This world is full of white lies

No one cares for one’s cries

Eye for an eye, which no one denies

People all around us despise

This doesn’t come as a surprise

But this could change even if just one person tries

Let’s listen to our Satguru’s teachings for a solution

And start this New Year with a resolution

Quit all this confusion

Let’s work towards fusion

To stop this illusion

Of caste, color and creed

And let’s plant a new seed

Of harmony, love and peace

So we can all finally live in ease

It’s not that hard, it’s a breeze

* * *