Freedom by Ajay Singh, USA


by Ajay Singh, USA

I found my body melting like ice,

and my flesh is feeling the hotness

of fires.

I want to stop it at any price,

but my skin is being peeled by

a pliers.

Now, what is left is my soul,

no eyes, no hands, no voice,

is my fate.

I am standing in a queue for my roll,

a long time elapsed and I was very near

the gate.

Here comes my turn,

and I am going to return.

I pray to god, 'please free me',

from the agony of this hot


I promised a thousand things,

and he saved me from the


Again I have eyes, hands and voice,

the whole world around me

is full of rejoice.

But it is of utmost importance that whatever

I thought agony was in reality my freedom,

and what I felt my freedom,

was just my illusion. But now, nothing I

can do is to wait for getting freedom.

* * *