Fore Word by Vickram, Delhi

Fore Word

by Vickram, Delhi

When a man sits in the lotus feet of the True Master and God-knowledge is bestowed upon him. A transformation takes place. One looses one’s own identity. One experiences oneself as part of supersoul allowing one’s ego to sublime.

Just like a lamp continues to light till there is supply of oil, it extinguishes else. Similarly, the light of knowledge continues to shine till the actions are done in righteous way through control of one’s mental processes.

After God-Realisation, Ruh (the soul) the spiritual part of man, merges with Super Soul and starts following the path of Truth (gurmat). While Mann (wavering mind) the another part of still tries to impose manmat. Thus one becomes mass of contradictions. One fragment of you goes to the east, amother goes to west. You are not morning in one direction, you cannot, because to move in one direction one needs an inner unity. The crowd of thoughts, creating the chaos, has to go; Mann has to take a rear seat. He cannot be the driver. He has to be soul guided only with the support of the True Master, the soul gets command on mind.

Divine Knowledge, Bestowed by the True Master enables man to distinguish between truth and jalsehood and decide what is right and what is wrong.

In the light of Five Nirankari Pledges, Ruh (the soul) the spiritual part of Man starts following the path of Truth. But moment by moment Mann tries to waver and impose manmat. Thus a regular confilict of the soul and its mentor (Mann) is invevitable. It is the soul, who has to be strong enough to preveil upon (mann) every time, by living up to teachings of the True Master.

The youngsters of Arjun Nagar (Delhi) prepared a play in this context. The portrayal of the soul and heart was done in a very realistic and thought provoking manner.

* * *