Fire! by Ravi Nihal, London, UK


by Ravi Nihal, London, UK

It is common knowledge that the purpose of the fire brigade is to put out the many fires that are intentionally or unintentionally started. By spraying water at the base (root cause) of the fire, they bring coolness to the situation. However, it instead of water they spray oil from their pipes, the size and intensity of the fire would increase, causing greater destruction all around. Fortunately, water than oil, is always associated with, and used by the fire brigade.

They are also called upon for rescuing purposes. If a person or an animal had fallen down a deep hole or ditch, or is stuck up high in a tree or a tall building, the fire brigade are called upon for their expertise in such circumstances.

Similarly, Saints are associated with and bring the 'coolness' of patience, tolerance and love to others. Saints, using their attributes bring calmness to the 'fire' raging in others hearts and minds. They never add fuel (oil) to a situation; rather they do the reverse. It is their duty to cool others minds and extinguish the fire of hatred, jealousy and anger which is raging due to the root cause of ignorance.

On the Sunday 14th November, at the 52nd Annual Samagam, His Holiness Satguru Baba Ji emphasised on the point of becoming true humans and sharing love with everyone. "Love is free and should therefore be given freely. Love is such a rare commodity that the more you give the more it grows. Even if you do if you do not receive any love, GIVE LOVE; because only those who give love truly enjoy the bliss and contentment of sharing such a feeling."

Saints also feel that it is their duty to uplift (rescue) the downtrodden and to insure that the humanity is of equal standing. Those who have fallen in life or who are too proud in life are eased to the humanly level of living, through the words and deeds of such Great Beings. They are shown how to live as true human beings by being compassionate, tolerant, forgiving and humble. True Saints are the True Humans. We must ask ourselves, 'although I have been created as a human being, am I being human?? Or am I just adding more fuel to the fire of ignorance?'

May the 'Saintly Brigade' continue with greater strength and tolerance to extinguish the fire of materialism and ignorance and refresh the hearts and minds of humanity with their coolness.

* * *