Finding a Goal for yourself by Manisha Kohli, Delhi, India


by Manisha Kohli, Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi, India

Happy is the man who acquire the habit of getting busy even in their leisure.

Most of the people get more satisfaction in life from their work .Nearly all of us are happier when we are actively engaged than we have nothing to do.

Whosoever said an empty mind is a devil’s workshop knew what he or she is talking about. Time flies when one is busy :it drags when one has nothing to do.

One of the necessities of a happy life is an interesting job, not necessarily an Easy one, but one that gives us the opportunity to use our abilities and demands the best that is in us.

We have seen that many people of former days put their heart and soul into their work. The pleasure and pride which they felt in a well-made article cannot be equaled by a factory worker of today.

For instance, An elderly man in a village, who has done nothing all his life but made fine furniture. Suppose we see and praise his handi-work and order a fine chair from him. After some weeks have passed, he sends us word that the chair is ready and we go to take delivery of it. We praise the chair and pay the price. Then we take an axe and break the chair to pieces before the eyes of the maker. It is difficult to know that what he would do. He would certainly be very sorry. He might even burst into tears at seeing the fruit of his skills. It shows that the kind of work which many people do ,far from giving them pride and pleasure, is more likely to fit them for the lunatic asylum.

It is necessary, specially for all the youth of Nirankari Mission to be active and focus to do something you enjoy doing so that we can become long term asset for our parents.

* * *