Faith in Satguru by Kuldip Paul Brampton, Ontario

Faith in Satguru

by Kuldip Paul Brampton, Ontario, Canada

We have taken Gyan but our faith in guru only begin if we see Nirankar in sat guru and sat guru in Nirankar. But it is guru who always take care of his Gursikhs needs and always protect him from all worries. Like I always have faith in Satguru and Nirankar and he is always there for me for all my needs. Just want to share a small incident happened recently. It could be incident for out side world but for me I will say it blessings of my Satguru. I have a small business and with Satguru blessings it doing good. One day I had to go out for delivery of my goods what we make so I left with my truck. I told my wife to lock up the doors of factory and she can go because I might get late. Well she left as told but she forgot to lock one door in the back. I came back may be after hour half and saw somebody waiting from me. This was driver of some other company who had come to deliver some stuff for me. He was little scared and worried and told me that I had left back door unlocked. I asked him what had happened and told me go look inside there is some body in your factory. I told him may be my wife is not gone he said no, somebody in white clothes with white turban was roaming inside the factory. I was little surprised too who could it be I told him lets go inside but when we went inside there was no body. We went in the office and he saw Sat guru Baba Hardev Ji picture and said this person was there who was roaming and told him to wait until I came back. Then I came know that while I was gone Baba Ji was there who was taking care of my factory. Saints I want to tell u once we surrender ourself to Nirankar and Satguru, who is only the one who take care of our needs and protect us from everything. But we have to surrender completely and do what he is asking us to do Sewa, Simran and Satsang and have faith in him and he will always do what ever is good for us. Dhan nirankar.

* * *