Empty Out Your Minds by Sumeet Singh, India

Empty Out Your Minds

by Sumeet Singh, Bathinda, Punjab, India

Once upon a time a man went deep in the forest to learn martial arts from a Zen master. The master was very famous and excellent in his field. When his student reached there and expressed his wish and urge to learn the art, the master agreed. But as soon as the master started, the student began to interrupt in everything he was being taught because he had doubt in the master's skill as he had some coaching earlier.

So the master invited the student for a cup of tea. The master asked, "What will you like to have, tea or coffee?" Tea, replied the student. But the master started pouring in coffee. The student said, "Stop master, I asked for tea, not coffee." The master started pouring tea in the same cup. The student said, "Stop master, first you need to empty the cup." "Exactly", said the master, "the cup need to be emptied".

To learn anything we first need to empty our cup (mind) if we want to learn something from the Satsang. We have to keep everything outside. Only then we will gain something. If we think we are better than others speaking on microphone, we will gain nothing. The pride in us will contaminate the good we can gain. So from today lets make it a point to keep our minds empty to gain from Satsang.

* * *