Divine Attraction Of the Great Nirankari Mission by Ravi Kalra, India

Divine Attraction Of the Great Nirankari Mission

by Ravi Kalra, Hansi, Haryana, India

Divine attraction of the great Nirankari Mission People who are living in this material world, want to have satisfaction. For their comfort they are trying their best to earn money. But such types of people don’t know what side they are going to? As satisfaction and comfort don’t lie in earning and spending money. On the other hand if anyone want to get real enjoy and bliss, then he has to clear his misunderstanding about this momentary world. To live holy and peaceful life one should try to get it because it is possible and also very easy for everybody. Established in 1948 and successfully working in human welfare with giving spiritual message, the Sant Nirankari Mission is the only and may be the last destination for those who are in search of the Holy God, real satisfaction, comfort and truth of life. I find myself very blessed only because of this Mission. This Nirankari Mission has been doing a lot of tasks for setting peace and universal brotherhood since 1948. Peace not Pieces is the motto of the Nirankari Mission. Today there are millions of people present in the world who are following the mission’s guidelines not only for their goodness but also for others’ betterment. Mission’s these followers are called Sants of Nirankari Mission and among themselves they call each other Mahapurusha. At one side the world is today running after only money and people are becoming self centred just because of ignorance, on the other hand the great Nirankari Mission is trying to unite people with love and having peace. Mission’s followers who are enormous in number are its strength and their efforts have made Mission enable to achieve its goal.

The Nirankari Mission every year invites its sants from every part of the country India and also from many other countries in Delhi for joining missions’ annual convention which is locally called Nirankari Sant Samagam. Millions of Mission’s sants get together there and set an example of unity, brotherhood, respect for each other and show their true spirit for living with moral values. This is the blessings of His Holiness Satguru Baba Hardev Singh ji Maharaj who is leading the Mission and getting success in spreading mission’s message of humanity and peace. To see the view of huge human community in annual Samagam of New Delhi definitely attracts everybody whosoever passes nearby it. At this moment one can come to know about mission’s holy effect on human beings who stay there for a few days while doing service tasks and attending Satsang program with zeal and joy. To unite people and make them prepare for living together without any religion and cast bar is undoubtedly a difficult task and really seems impossible in this world which is affected with terrorism and so many viruses like hate, anger, selfishness and rage.

Mission has a motto which is to make blood supply in veins not in drains. Under this motto, mission has been organizing blood donation camps in every state for many years on annual basis. Also mission is trying to organize such camps at global level and some efforts has been made also in this regard. At such camps a lot of Niankaris donate blood for saving human beings’ life which is a great example of doing benefaction. When we seen mission’s such great efforts in human welfare, we can surely call mission a divine mission which has divine attraction. It is also true that till we don’t take a dip in its holy pool of Satsang we can’t feel its glory. To get such sacred relief we must join this Nirankari Mission so that we not only can make our life blissful but also can contribute mission in its holy effort of uniting people.

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