Count Your Blessings by Nitasha Khanna, Canada

Count Your Blessings

by Nitasha Khanna, Toronto, Canada

Man often fights on various things during his life span...things based on comparison, appearances, language, etc. Man due to his ignorance of the one God also fights with his fellow men in His name. It seems that man cannot stand anything that is different from him. He sees it as a threat or as something inferior than him.

We are all part of this big universe. Everyone is unique and has their own entity. That is what makes it interesting. Like a bouquet or garden of various flowers of different colors and fragrances. We all need one another to share with us the good times and need them to support and comfort us in bad times.

Life is a is a constant growing process. It is a mystery full of adventures. Life is like a book. Every chapter represents a year of our life. And the contents of the chapters represent the moments, events and people we come across during that time. Nirankar is testing our use of gyan while coming across various people and events in our life.

It seems that we prefer to view God as the creator and preserver, however we forget that He is also the destroyer. It is the force necessary to keep the universe in balance, however we like to think that another being such as the devil is responsible for destruction, but isn't the devil also made by nirankar. And since nirankar is in all of us isn't there a dark side to each of our minds that wants to manipulate and rule over everything inferior!?

Heaven and hell are both here on earth, depending on how we tend to use our minds. As mere humans, we sometimes get the feeling of being the most powerful, however with a slight action directed by nirankar, it's not certain what will happen the next second.

Life's journey is not smooth sailing, just like a boat which is sailing in the sea does not always get smooth water. It at times, does encounter severe storms as well. It is in these tough times that the boat is tested for it's strength to keep together. Much like, when we as humans are faced with numerous hurdles/challenges along our life's course. Just as the survival of the boat depends on how strong it is. In the same way, we as humans are tested on our faith in Nirankar.

Everything is in Nirankar's hands. We as humans, do not understand why certain events occur, only in the long run do we find out the reason behind it. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Nirankar creates the situation and timing for the event to take place.

We are blessed to have a living True Master among us who has blessed us with the company of saints to guide and support us on the right path. We are part of one family of God. We only realize this brotherhood of man through the fatherhood of one God.

When we live our lives according to the teachings of the Satguru, by always seeking His blessings and strength throughout our life. Only then are we able to enjoy life in the true sense and attain success at our prime goal in life. By living as true examples of devotees, who are able to live in this materialistic world with a detached attachment!

* * *