Comming to Sangat by Harjeet Dhillon

Comming to Sangat

by Harjeet Dhillon

We come to sangat to listen and learn

To achieve salvation and to yearn

The Gurus teachings we long to know

Seva, Somran, satsang we need to show

The Gian is simply the knowledge of God

Without it, we haven't got a lot

People say "God is here", or "There"

But it's plainly clear to us that He's everywhere

Baba Ji's aim is to teach us all

That God is the almighty - powerful

God looks after us in times of good and bad

At all times - whether we're happy or sad.

Our goal in life is to realise

That these millions of religions are living lies

God, Nirankar or Allah by name

But Baba Ji's thought us that they're all the same.

* * *