Capability to Imbibe God-Knowledge: Key to Happiness by Sandip Agarwal, India

Capability to Imbibe God-Knowledge: Key to Happiness

by Sandip Agarwal, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Economists are of the view that well-being of an individual increases with the increase in their income and the number of goods they possess. But with the eminent contribution of the Nobel Laureate and economist Prof. Amartya Sen, in his work on Development has strike a new approach to define well-being. According to him individualistic welfare (well-being) do not just mean possessing a commodity but it is the characteristics or functioning of the commodity on which an individual has command over. Two individuals might have identical possessions but could be differently better-off depending on how differently and capably they make use of their assets. A pen is of no use to an illiterate man but a learned scholar has capability of changing the whole world using the might of his pen. So, just on account of their possession which is identical they can’t be called developed lest they use it. Development in turn is in the richness of the usage of their possession.

Here is a brief incident related to this work. Once there was a beggar and his son who went begging door to door. With the alms they used to get they saved a part of it and with that meagre savings they bought a lottery ticket. Few days later when the results of the lottery was announced, to their amazement their fortune had brought them with a huge amount of some 50 Lakhs. The son asked his father what they would do with that huge prize money they have got. The beggar replied that it has been long since he has been spending his life begging. Now when he is tired of it he has plans to buy a big car and he with his son would go begging around in it.

This might sound very stupid and unwise on the part of the beggar. But in real life it is us who are playing the role of the beggar. We have been begging around, craving for bliss and happiness when didn’t have its source. We were drowned in troubles and sorrows of life before we had the God-Knowledge (Brahma-Gyan). The True Master has bestowed upon us his divine grace and merciful benevolence by gifting us with the prize lottery of this invaluable eternal divine bliss for without any price in return. But we are just possessing the gift without making efforts to capably use it so that it can lead us from darkness to light, from a world of sorrows to a heaven of divine bliss. The Happiness that we long won’t just be rendered by just possessing the divine knowledge, but the capability to use it will lead the way to happiness. I aptly remember few words from the lines of a song I have heard several times at a congregation which goes as follow,

“ Diya hai Tune nafiz tohfa, Kadar karen hum, hume kadar de”

(You have blessed us with a precious gift; give us the wisdom so that we can value it)

* * *