By Babaji's Grace by Kritika Dadhra, India

By Babaji's Grace

by Kritika Dadhra, Goregaon (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I had the power , and hands to steal;

But not the lips that could reveal;

The divie glimpse you have shown;

The blessings of thy supremly throne.

By imparting to me this divine ken,

You have shown me light within this worldly den;

What did I own? and what was mine?

Everything was a blessing of thy, O-divine.

The materialistic possesions upon which my pride was confined,

Were nothing but by the grace of thine.

You have showered thy blessings of gyan upon me,

Guide my eyes so that I can see,

And can follow the path you have shown,

To reach thy supremely throne.

* * *