Bow to Your Master by Komal Preet, USA

Bow to Your Master

by Komal Preet, Southern California, USA

High praise; hands up in the air

Meet my Lord,he's alwys there

Fall to your knees, bow down your head

Full of his holiness be fed

Such an honor to be in his presense

Lays his hand on you; take his blessings

He picks you up, arise, stand tall

And voices to you, "May you never fall.

Believe in me and the sun will shine.

Forever and ever, I make you mine.

Do as I say; stay humble in service

Treat others well, those less fortunate"

Never let your faith in him cease

And away from bondage, he'll set you free

And hold your head high and hold him hard

All your good deeds he will reward

Rise and always stand next to him

And the light in your life will never be dim

Understand and be understood

Next to you, he always stood

Bow before him and be raised almighty high

Do wrong and on your face you will lie

Always an forever in him do believe

And always bow to your master's feet.

* * *