- Richa Singh, Agra, UP, India 


“Saints, in the journey of our life sometimes we realize that we are only the puppets of our almighty God. He gave us strength to work but our remote control is in his hand. The same feeling had come in my heart when Babaji cherished me with his blessings.  Last year I took admission in Msc. previous (Statistics) in Agra College. Our session started very late, in December.  My friends and myself were very worried as to how we will complete our syllabus in just three months and appear for the exam in April.  My problem was little more than my classmates because I had to appear for the NCC ‘C’ certificate exam for which I had to attend the camp.  My NCC exam was on 28th February.  After the NCC examination I was all the more worried about the Msc exam.  So I determined study day and night to complete my course.


But at the same time I came to know that wife of our neighbour Rev. Manvir Singh had cancer and she was at the last stage of her life.  This was the shocking news for all the Sangat. On 19th March she left her body in the hands of our Zonal Incharge Rev S.C. Bhalla.  The Zonal Incharge asked us to do Satsang every day up to 31st and he personally asked me, “When is your exam?” I said, “In April”.  He said, “You have to study and also serve here”.  I said OK.   From that day I used to reach their house at 4:00 pm and leave from there at about 8:00 pm. Days were passing and had not completed enough course for the examination.  I used to say to my mother that I will not appear as I have no preparation.  I used to think what will happen if I fail in the exam?  Or I will not pass with first division?  But in this course of time I never missed Satsang.  I went for Satsang regularly even when the exam was on the next day.  I completed the examination and left the result to Baba Ji.


On 22nd of July I came to know that my result had been announced.  When I saw the result I was simply surprised.  I got 77% marks and stood second position in my class.  Then a feeling had come in my heart that my Satguru is so kind and he had blessed me with the great ecstasy.  To sum up I just want to say that if we believe him he is always there to help us.  He is the ocean of uncountable blessings and all saints are his image.  So saints, please bless me so that I always remain in the hands of omnipresent Nirankar and stay contented with his blessings.”


* * * * * * *