Big Heart by Satish Jiyani, Dubai, UAE

Big Heart

by Satish Jiyani, Dubai, UAE

The foundation of the hut is the must solid. under the green pine tree, in the hut’s bright window-even a golden palace can’t compare. I am reminded of an ancient parable…..A poor man in his hut.. it is middle of the night, and he hut is so small that only the husband and wife can sleep in it. That’s enough space, that is all. And somebody knocks on the door… It is raining so much, and the dark night-perhaps somebody has foe gotten the way. Deep in the forest they lived.

So the husband told the wife, who was near the door, ”Open the door” The wife said, ”but there is no space” The husband said. ”it is not a palace, it is poor man’s hut. There is always space. Only in palaces is it very difficult to find space”

The wife said, ”you always say strange things. In the middle of the night that fellow must be drenched with water. It is pouring, and you want him to come in?”

He said ”yes,you just open the door. Nobody should go away from my door”

So the woman reluctantly opens the door, and then asks, ”what should we do?”

He said. ”There is no problem. We were lying down, now we will sit. For three persons it is enough space to sit, and we will talk. We have not seen anybody coming from the city many days, so se may have some news, and he will gossip. And the night is not long-half is already gone, half will also go.”

So the man comes in and they sit. The man looks around and sees that he has intruded upon their privacy-there is no space. But there is no way of going out, there is too much rain and it is too dark, and he has forgotten the way.

So he said ,”Forgive me.”

They said, ”There is no problem. It is not a palace, it is a poor man’s hut. There is always enough space.” So they started talking, and suddenly another am knocked on the door. And this stranger inside was sitting close to the door, so the man, the owner said, ”Open the door.”

The stranger said, ”what? There is no space.”

The man said, ”If I had listened to my wife, who said there is no space, you would not have been in. Just open the door. There is enough space, should not object.”

Reluctantly that man opened the door and another man came in. and he said, ”Forgive me, but there is nowhere to go. The light from your hut been only safe. I have been walking all the way just looking at your hut-a small light from the window. So forgive me for intruding.”

The man said, ”you are not intruding. We can sit closely and it will be warmer also. You are drenched and you must be feeling cold. So the more people who are inside, the warmer it will become. Sit down and be close.”

Now this new stranger is sitting closest to the door, and a donkey comes and knocks on the door by his head.

The man said, ”plese open the door, because I know that donkey loves me. He always comes. And when there is trouble, the poor fellow has nowhere to go. Just open the door.” The second stranger who was sitting by the side of the door said, ”what? for a donkey…?Where is the space.?”

The man said, ”This has been the problem, and I have been creating space. We will create space, don’t be worried. We are sitting, we will stand, and the donkey can be in the center. And he is such a lovely philosophical minded fellow-we will all enjoy him.”

Those strangers said, ”You are a very strange fellow.”

He said, ”I am otherwise you would not have been in. My wife is absolutely rational, she would not have allowed anybody. So please open the door. It is my hut and you should not forget you are only a guest. Another guest has come. just open the door.”

So he has to open it, but very reluctantly, angry that a donkey was being brought in. And the donkey entered and stood in between, and all those people stood up.

“Now,”the man asked, ”do you see how a poor man’s hut is so spacious?

“It is not a question of the hut, it is a question of the heart. If you have space in the heart, you have space in the hut. In the palaces there is no space in the heart, that’s why there are empty palaces, but no space. Doors would not have been opened for you. This poor donkey has no chance of entering in to a palace, but a poor man’s hut respects everybody.”……………so sadhsangat Ji Babaji say’s “dil vishal hongay to sankirtao say apnay aap mukti mil jaygi” meen make heart a big…..big….more …big…

* * *