Bhakti - Devotion by Pooja Bijlani

Bhakti - Devotion

by Pooja Bijlani

Bhakti is not mere love or devotion but a combination of several concepts. It is a very powerful emotion of the mind and a character of the highest nature hidden in us, which helps us to make progress in our onward spiritual journey.

It is characterized by Faith, Love, Trust and attachment towards an entity such as God. Pure and selfless devotion to God leads to salvation and eternal life.

In spiritual terms Bhakti means intense spiritual love and devotion to God. Its helps a person to satisfy his/her spiritual needs without following an ascetic way of life. Hindu scriptures state that bhakti marg is the surest and the easiest way to reach God. Huzur Satguru Babaji explains that - When devotion & Love enter our life, then our life becomes enjoyable.To progress in spirituality you have to become loving, caring and devoted like a "sadhu".

Saints, we should always pray to nirankar that our devotion comes from our heart and is true.

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