Baba Ji's Message to Mankind by Ravi Nihal, UK

Baba Ji's Message to Mankind

by Ravi Nihal, London (U.K.)

Saints, Baba Ji’s main message to mankind is that we have been created as humans, therefore we should act as humans - "Kuch Bhi Bano Mubarak Hai, Phele Bus Insaan Bano"

God created man in his own image, and gave him the ability to be able to Realise Nirankar Almighty through the Divine Grace of a True Master. This is why human life is said to be ‘God’s jewel creation.’ However, if after realising God Almighty, through the True Master, man remains ignorant, then he is no different from animals. All animals, aswell as humans, eat, sleep and breathe to survive. If man does not act as a human after receiving the Knowledge of God, then he is regarded as being an animal, as he does not follow the true characteristics of a human. He may ‘look’ like a human, but if his actions do not match the teachings of the Satguru, he is quite simply an animal.

In order to be regarded a true human, we must not discriminate others, but love and respect all equally. Today, we see violence, hatred and wars in the world, as a result of man’s ignorance and discrimination against others. They fight over the most trivial of issues, creating unhappiness and hatred amongst different communities. We are all extremely fortunate to be part of the Nirankari Mission, which strives to achieve Universal Brotherhood, and requires us to follow the Five Promises which we agreed to when receiving the Knowledge of God. The second, of these five promises, teaches us not to discriminate against others on the basis of caste, colour or religion, just as it has been stated in the Sampuran Avtar Bani,

"Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Eesai, Iko Rab De Bande Ne,

Bande Samajh Ke Pyar He Karana, Changai Bhaven Mande Ne."

(Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, are all men of the same One God,

We must Love them all as men of God, whether their deeds are Good or Bad)

We must be Humble, Polite, Tolerant and Caring towards others, if we desire to be regarded as True Human Beings. We can only achieve this state of mind if our actions are True, just as someone once said,

"Tell the world what you intend to do, but show it first."

We are all extremely lucky to be part of this Mission, which is progressing further as a result of practicality and not mere words. I ask for your Blessings so that I may be able to implement these thoughts into ACTION, so that I may live my life as a True Human just as Our Satguru of the day desires.

* * *