A Tribute to Our Master by Sneha Bijlani, UAE

A Tribute to Our Master

by Sneha Bijlani, UAE

We are your children Babaji,

We bow down onto your holy feet,

We ask for forgiveness for our misdeeds,

Surrender body,mind and wealth with humility.

You held our hands and showed us the way,

How to control our minds when we go astray,

Hand in hand you taught us brotherhood.

And how to live our lives like we should.

You showed us the need for love and the cry for humanity.

With a shield of truth you are protecting all,

But we still fail to respond to your call.

With our own wisdom we may pass or fail,

Bless us all that we may follow your trail.

With thy mercy , Oh merciful Satguru our ship may always sail.

We are elated to in the presence of your grace,

and to see that lit up smile on your face.

Many mistakes we might have to append,

The amount you do for us is hard to comprehend.

Thus we present a tribute in your glory, a drop of gratitude in an ocean of your generosity


* * *