A Soul in Need by Daljeet Bassi, UK

A Soul in Need

by Daljeet Bassi, UK

I am a soul in need,

I am a bad man in deed,

Through the pains that ravish this earth,

It’s my own mouth that I want to feed.

I have no time,

No energy or effort,

I know I’m no saint,

But really is there anyone that perfect?

I close me eyes, when I see your pain,

Eyes wide shut, to avoid those images again,

I close my ears and shut down my brain

Dreaming of things distant, and holidays in Spain.

Really though,

I’m a man that wants to help,

Just let me get a few things done first,

And I’ll spare you a little time,

Oh I just remembered,

I have to be gone by nine.

Maybe some other time now,

You know I’ll do whatever I can,

Everything but that which is needed,

Deep down though, I’m sure you’ll see I’m a good man.

But I know deep inside, that it’s not enough,

The time to help is now, before things get too rough,

I need to do more, than simply reflect and think,

If I do even just a little,

It could be enough to brink you back from the brink.

* * *