Art of Appreciation by Prashant Lande, USA

Art of Appreciation

by Prashant Lande, Chicago, USA

When was the last time you appreciated someone? Can you recall easily? If not, may be you need to start thinking about it and research why. It’s a basic human tendency to appreciate and get appreciated. If that is not happening in life, then you are mission something for sure.

How does appreciation really matter?  Does it make any difference? Yes, it does matter.  It matters to you, your near-dear ones and more to others, than you can think of!  It's a basic motivational factor you can apply to your own life and others' lives too.  It is a sure and easy way to win hearts.

Then how come it's not done more often?  Why it's forgotten?  Answer is simple.  It's an art. It needs some efforts to start with. You have to learn it and practice it in daily life. Slowly, you will find that you have mastered this art and you are able to appreciate others effortlessly.

What is Appreciation?

Appreciation is admiring and being thankful.  It is an acknowledgement for something you really liked or enjoyed.  It's also important to know that appreciation is different than raising.  Many times praising has a hidden motive behind it.  It has expectations behind it. It needs help of words and phrases to impress others. It's close to flattering. It can do more harm than good because it helps grow one's ego.  On the other hand appreciation always comes from the heart and goes to the heart. It's an emotion and can be expressed with or without words. Appreciation always helps an individual to motivate and excel.

How to Appreciate?

Few simple words can do the trick.  Try to say 'excellent' or 'good job' or 'beautiful' or 'thank you' or 'very good' or 'appreciate it' whenever appropriate. If you are face to face, look directly into his/her eyes and appreciate with a smiling face.  Try to use an encouraging voice. Shake hands or pat on the back, if you feel so. If you want to go beyond words offer a small gift as a token of appreciation. If you can't meet personally, just give a phone call and say you called to appreciate. It will make a lot of difference how others perceive you as a person. You will win hearts and respect from others. You will attract people!

Also don't just appreciate for the sake of it, but appreciate other's point of view too. When a child scribbles on a piece of paper, it's certainly not the most beautiful drawing in the whole world, but it also deserves appreciation.  And who knows, one day that appreciation might lead to a world class artist! Naturally, parents are good at that. But it also needs some conscious efforts, so that child wants to improve and do better next time. It's a motivation in disguise. Appreciate your family members, relatives, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues and even strangers.

When to Appreciate?

If you see something good - appreciate someone who has done it.

If you see something creative - appreciate someone who has created it.

If you see something positive - appreciate someone who has implemented it.

If you see something beautiful - appreciate someone who is behind it.

So bottom line is - appreciate everyone, whenever you get a chance and wherever you go.

Work it out. Eventually it will be a part of your life. Life will be a much more interesting and joyous place to live in...

(PS: I do really appreciate that you spent your valuable time reading this!)

* * *