Article My Family by Milind Karande, Mumbai

My Family by Milind Karande, Mumbai, Maharashtra

All of you know that the IPL fever has just rocked the nation. Some time back there was a lot of publicity when Bangalore made the costliest bid for English player Kevin Pieterson and Chennai for his colleague Flintoff. Both these players were welcomed by the home crowds and the people were eager to see them perform and cheer them. But just some earlier when they were part of the English team that had toured India, the same people had booed them. What had changed? They were the same players from the same countries, but now they had become part of ‘our team’. Once they were accepted as one of us they started receiving overwhelming support. Babaji has often said, “Waise toh yeh duniya hain par is duniya mein hum sab ne apni apni duniya banayi hui hain. Meri apni duniya mein wo log hotein hain jinhe main pyaar karta hoon ya vice versa, wahi cheez hoti hai jo main chahta hoon, ya wahi sapno hote hain jinhe main sakaar karna chahta hoon. Aur fir hum sweekar bhi usko hi karte hain jo apni duniya chodkar meri duniya main aata hain.”

Do we feel the same pangs of sorrow on seeing others in pain as we feel for our personal family members? There are so many patients in hospital but my pain is limited to that bed where my family member is admitted. But how happy we feel when some good befalls our individual family. Today Babaji says that if reason of your happiness is happiness of your family members then consider the whole world as your family. Then a smile on the face of any person will cause you to smile. Babaji has just changed the definition of my family. Till yesterday it was bound to a limited circle of a few people, now it has extended to the entire world.

I stay in Mira Road in Mumbai. When I travel in Mumbai I claim that I stay in Mira Road. When I leave the city and travel to Pune or elsewhere outside the city limits then I claim that I’m from Mumbai. When I leave the state I claim that I’m from Maharashtra. When I travel out of India I say that I’m from India. The moment I am not bound by the physical boundaries in my city, the entire city becomes mine. But why should this broadmindedness be restricted to physical movement alone. It is more important to erase these borders without physical movement.

The frog that yelled that his well was the biggest died saying so because he had never seen the world outside. He never knew what sea was. Someone has very nicely commented that life is too short to learn from our own experiences. Common let us erase this borders of caste, creed, race from our minds and hearts and accept each and every person as our family as a child of the family of God.

Let us come out of our wells and enjoy the bliss of the sea. Let us come out of the boundaries of our world and accept each and every person as he/she is. ‘Fir Hum Apni Duniya Se Jyaada Har-Ek Insaan Ko preference De Paayenge’.

* * *