A More Promising Planet by Prabhjot Dhanoa, Canada

A More Promising Planet

by Prabhjot Dhanoa, Toronto Canada

Recently, I heard someone say that they did not believe in religion. Then the person replied how could you not believe in God? The individual's response was that he believes in God but not the rituals of religion. Many times, we take our faith and surrender to rituals instead of surrendering to God almighty. How often have we seen that those around us have grand claims of success and fortune due to precarious rites and rituals. How often have we confused our undying love for God with mechanical gestures towards pictures and bodies? Evidently, it is easier to believe in the body instead of the soul. It is easier to be addicted to signs and salutations rather than spiritual bliss.

So how do we differ from the soul and the attraction to the body? I know nothing except the feeling and emotion I so rarely have the opportunity to feel, when in the presence of our Satguru and very few of his true devotees. Am I wrong then to feel such bliss only in the presence of our prophet and his few saints? But he who knows God knows how to find eternal bliss in any object or person. Subsequently, we learn by osmosis. Observing the true master and his true saints is a process by which we can emulate such behavior. The ultimate goal is to see God in all, regardless of ethnicity, religion or beliefs. If we encounter one who opposes our beliefs, who does not agree with our livelihood nor understands our devotion, it is our duty to see all as our brothers and sisters.

As Satguru Baba Ji has said that we should find unity in diversity. Such a powerful statement it is to accept all, to unify ourselves with the rest of society and become one. How do we attain such a condition? It is my understanding that we should find God within all thus, becoming serene. I believe that the greatest lesson on earth is to reside in peace with those who are like and unlike ourselves. In an ideal situation if all species could co-exist without barriers and resentment, we would all share the gift of love. Such words are very idealistic and difficult to achieve, nonetheless, it is in our best interest to attempt to live in a more promising planet.

* * *