After Knowing the Truth by Neelam Manwani, India

After Knowing the Truth

by Neelam Manwani, Jabalpur, Madhaya Pradesh, India

Life had many faces,

sometime good sometime bad.

people belonging to different races,

some were happy some were sad.

Thanks to his graces,

happiness and sorrows are same.

Life was full of spines,

now there are roses in lines.

Oh almighty, oh formless,

keep on us precious hand.

jewels and diamonds are all useless,

we got u, we got realself.

Oh our lord, oh our protecter,

u are precious than all worldly pleasure.

this we realized after knowing u,

u are the wealth and u r the treasure.

we were blind u gave us eyes.

after getting u it was realized.

in this dark world u r the light.

u made our life from dull to bright.

* * *