He is the Boss by Vikas Nirankari, Jaipur

He is the Boss by Vikas Nirankari, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

One fine morning, the king was going for walk with his ministers. On his way he saw a young boy playing in mud, he ordered his soldiers to bring that boy to him…. The soldiers followed the orders and escorted that boy to the king.

The king asked that boy KING: why are you playing in the mud, you seem to be educated, then why are you playing in mud and spoiling your clothes.

The boy smiled and said, BOY: your Majesty, I am playing in the mud because I am made up of this mud and after I die, I’ll again turn into the mud.

The king was amazed and surprised with the young boy’s answer. His minister came to him and said “your majesty, I think this boy is very intelligent and learned, why not you make him our advisor, even we need one. The king was convinced by his minister and he thought this boy will be the perfect advisor for him.

The king asked the boy, KING: will you become my chief advisor I’ll give lot of money, power and everything you want.

The boy just smiled at king’s comment. He politely said that BOY: your majesty, I’ll love to be your advisor , your servant but, I have 4 wishes , if you fulfill my those 4 wishes then I’ll definitely become your advisor.

The king agreed without thinking and asked the boy what are your wishes. The boy started with his first wish he said your majesty my first condition is that “Whatever dish I want to eat, you’ll give me that but you will not eat it.”

Boy then said my second condition is “you will give all expensive clothes to wear but you will not wear them Yourself” Boy continued and said that my third condition is “when ever we go for a walk I’ll not follow you but we should walk together” Boy then said my last condition is “whenever I sleep you will look after me, but I will not look after you” After hearing these condition king was surprised,

KING: what nonsense is this, I am the king, I can give you all the delicious dishes to eat but I will also eat them, I can give you all the expensive clothes but I’ll also wear them, I am the king so whenever we go for a walk you should follow me, why I should walk with you and whenever I sleep you should look after me why should I.

The boy smiled and said that, BOY: sorry your majesty you cannot fulfill my 4 wishes how can I became your servant and you cannot be my BOSS, My SATGURU, my TRUE MASTER can only be my BOSS. He gives me everything I want to eat but he himself doesn’t ask for them. He gives me all the clothes I want to wear but he doesn’t want them back. Whenever I go he is always with me, looking after me and Whenever I sleep he always take care of me, but he never asks the same from me. So this way only HE can be BOSS my MASTER!! After hearing the boy’s words, king fell in the legs of the boy and said that please become my Advisor and teach me how to live a good life. The boy replied in a humble way that you came with me, I’ll take you to my MASTER, he will tell U how to truly live this Life!!

* * *