Text report, February 06: Mumbai, MH -Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Ji

Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From January 27, 2020 onwards
Mumbai, Bandra Kurla Complex: February 06, 2020

On February 6, 2020, the devotees of Mumbai BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) were blessed with a congregation after the Annual Maharashtra Sant Samagam in Nashik under the benign presence of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj.

Her Holiness said:

“Today, in BKC you are enjoying the blissful moments in the form of congregation since the past few hours. What we’ve listened today has been earnestly mentioned by saints since ages that we should know our own self and what exactly is the purpose of our existence on this earth? Once our life ends, what will be our fate and where shall we go? For example, if we keep a diamond in a glass box, we take due care of it; even if the box is mishandled and breaks still the diamond remains intact. Similarly, we should consider our body as a glass box and soul as diamond. We know that soul is much more precious than the body and covers a long journey while the body is here for a small span. Once the journey of life ends, the soul leaves this mortal body. It appears that the body drives the soul but, contrarily this soul is driving the body. We need to understand the motive of this soul after it comes in our body.

The thing is that once we realize God, the soul realizes its true origin. This is what is mentioned everywhere including Holy Scriptures that the soul needs to realize God to attain salvation. But, as the journey of life progresses from young age to old, we focus on things which we find relevant and important at a particular age, be it studies of school or college followed by work and family. We mould ourselves in various colors of the world as we see them in physical form. We forget to accomplish the task which is quintessential to know once this life ends. Hope we are not lost in the illusion of materialism which is just for a few years. We keep vices of hatred and narrow-mindedness in our mind. Sometimes we feel that we are not happy because the surrounding environment is not favourable. But, as we introspect we realize that even if we are sitting alone in a room, we sometimes feel unhappy. If the situation leads to our emotions then in this case we should not feel unhappy. Happiness, which we consider as external is actually internal and does not depend on external factors.

So how can we achieve the state of bliss which is beyond happiness? What should we do to stay in this blissful state always? By attaining the Divine-Knowledge and knowing God and oneself, after this we are aware on what should be our conduct and reaction in every situation? We must do a reality check or self-introspection that are we moving on the path shown by saints or not? If we are born as humans, are we living with its full potential or not?

As an example, if we consider a pond which has dried up, it is not entitled to be called as a pond. Similarly, if a flower has dried up and lost its fragrance, it is not a flower in the real sense. If there is a school building without any students or teachers, it’s not a school in the real sense. So, things have value if they match with their qualities. Similarly, if we lack human values, we are not worthy of being called humans because being human is not only about body, it’s about feelings in the heart. If we have love, compassion and mercy for others, we are humans. If there is intention to give comfort to others, we are humans. If we contribute devotedly to our society, nation and world with feelings of Selfless Service (Sewa) and not as help; we are doing the right thing and are a blessing for this world.

So, we need to move ahead in life by treading the path shown by saints. If we do not love everyone or measure the benefits and loss in devotion also; that if my wish is fulfilled only then I will establish a relation with God, not otherwise then we must know that - Worship and complains do not go together in devotion. Devotion is another name for surrenderance where there is no scope for conditions. If we contribute with feelings of selflessness, surrenderance and love in devotion in which we relish the path on which God moves us and we accept everything as it is along with enjoying the bliss. It’s then only that we are completely devoted in the true sense. Otherwise if we keep our wishes along with devotion that if situation is according to us only then I shall stay devoted then this is not devotion in the true sense because the fact is that whatever God has given is good for us and we should be happy in that. We should not consider it as a compulsion that we are helpless. We should accept that if God has created such circumstances, nothing could be better for us at this time. We should imbibe good virtues in our words, language, lifestyle and thoughts. We should give importance to only those thoughts, which lead to self-improvement and whosoever is connected with us, we should have a positive impact on them.They should also get a desire in their mind to live a life like us.

The thing is that if we are connected with this God (Nirankar), we have taken the Divine-Knowledge (Brahmgyan) and have this realization through Sewa, Simran and Satsang; we shall always move in life with peace of mind. If we have good thoughts and get rid of vices only then we are truly moving on the path of devotion.

Without using more words; towards the end I just pray for all. Maharashtra Samagam was being held at Mumbai for years but, this time it was held at Nashik and you all participated with great enthusiasm without thinking about your convenience even for a moment. The travel must have increased, still there was great enthusiasm in devotees. As always mentioned that the end result in this path is salvation of the soul. So, the other factors are immaterial and we don’t see our convenience. May God bless everyone with this enthusiasm for Satsang, Sewa and Simran and we spend every moment in realization of God (Nirankar).May this enthusiasm remain intact and everybody stays happy. Also, if there is any situation which does not seem to be favourable still, we should be thankful to God that He has given us so much in life. May God bless everyone that devotion gets strengthened and life turns more fragrant.”

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