Nirankari Sewadal Symposium (NSS)

February 21-22, 2020

Thousands of Sewadal Members from Delhi/NCR participated in an inspiring 2-day Nirankari Sewadal Symposium (NSS) held on February 21-22, 2020 at Burari Road, New Delhi, under the esteemed presence of Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj. The event was themed as ‘Hum Hain Sewadar’ and it focused on showcasing the importance of Sewa while completely surrendering oneself to Nirankar in the form of various dances, group discussions, skits and songs.

Satguru Mata Ji, while blessing the participants during the first day of the event, said:

"You all have come here from Delhi NCR and have shown representations in the form of games. May Nirankar keep blessing everyone with this zeal for Sewa. The way, everyone showed their physical fitness through their efforts during the opening ceremony, came out beautifully.

May Nirankar keep blessing all with this dedication and readiness towards Sewa while strengthening your faith in Simran and Satsang as well. As you all heard in the announcements yesterday that it would be a form of digital symposium and all have to participate in this with full energies. You will get involved in details in the form of discussions, presentations, guidelines and how we have to maintain the protocol while adorning the uniform of Sewadal. May Nirankar bless everyone with lifelong faith of fulfilling the responsibility in the form Sewadal.”

On the secondary consecutive day of NSS, Satguru Mata Ji while blessing the participants, said:

“Today, on the second day of the symposium, we got to learn so much. Even yesterday, in the form of sports, we learnt a lot. We saw participation in full-throttle on both the days. Behind all this, lies days of practice, where members from all units together thought through the presentations to make this event a success. There are many different forms of contributions which are not visible on the front stage per say but back stage there is an involvement of so many teams who move shoulder to shoulder with complete co-ordination to display in such a form. We can say that Sewa has such diverse scope that it is not restricted to the ones who adorn the uniform only. After attaining God-knowledge, each and every moment spent is a form of Sewa if we stay connected with Nirankar.

So, the way everyone contributed yesterday and today and will continue to do as pre-decided for tomorrow as well and thereafter in the coming week, will fulfill both social and family responsibilities. May Nirankar bless that this dedication keeps on increasing in the form of Sewa, Simran and Satsang. Each and every point, in the form of any presentation today, is worth noting that how one should remain in complete consciousness while doing Sewa and deal with members of the congregation with all humbleness and this should not remain restricted to the moments when we have adorned the uniform but we should remember our conduct and responsibility all the time and imbibe humbleness naturally. These responsibilities can be fulfilled only when we remain connected with Nirankar. When we truly stay in remembrance of Nirankar, we do not show irritation in our behavior in any case.

May Nirankar bless all that this passion towards Sewa stays and grows further with time. I will keep my thoughts for tomorrow during the congregation while I congratulate everyone for the successful accomplishment of the symposium and being a part of the same for so many hours. We had to call Sewadal members from other units since all the members from this unit had to attend this symposium. May Nirankar bless everyone with feelings of gratitude and blissfulness in everything we get in life.”