Samarpan Diwas: May 13, 2019


The Sant Nirankari Mission’s followers across the world remembered 2019 its former Spiritual Head Baba Hardev Singh Ji on Samarpan Diwas, May 13, and paid tributes to Him, and every devotee rededicated himself or herself to take the Mission to those heights where Baba Ji wanted to see it. It was on this day in 2016 that Baba Hardev Singh Ji relinquished his physical form to become Formless.

The main Samagam was held in Ground No.8 in Delhi under the divine guidance of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj. A huge gathering of devotees from Delhi, Greater Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and several other parts of the country attended.

The Samagam was marked by a documentary presented by Nirankari Studio. It included a holy discourse by Baba Ji on the importance of the company of saints and Satsang. A video depicted Baba Ji’s role and contribution in various fields of life. A special exhibition was also put up to show Baba Ji’s life and His vast contribution while leading the Mission for 36 years as its spiritual head.

Addressing the Samagam, Her Holiness said:

“Saints, on May 13 today, a large number of devotees have gathered not only from Delhi and its adjoining towns but, far off places also. All have come due to Baba Hardev Singh Ji’s love for them and His glorious contribution for the welfare of the mankind, particularly his devotees. We all have come today to rededicate our minds with faith and devotion towards Satguru.

I find it difficult to express my feelings, because Baba Ji was not only my esteemed father but Satguru also. I grew up and learnt everything at the holy feet of Baba Ji and Satguru Mata (Savinder Hardev) Ji. Today we all saw the documentary which brought tears in everybody’s eyes. What pleased Baba Ji was that each devotee attending Satsang may meet the other with love and humility. Not only in Satsang, but, whosoever we come into contact with, our conduct should speak more than our words. The ideals like universal brotherhood, oneness, oneness in harmony and as you just now heard in Baba Ji’s holy discourse a mention about constructing bridges, all should reflect from our conduct and reach the minds of others. We should never use bitter words. If somebody praised Baba Ji for His humility, He would always give the credit to others. He would say, “What you are praising is what we learn in Satsang, I do not deserve the praise at all?” What a great quality! Satguru who is the doer of everything gives complete credit to the company of saints. Many came to him with tears of pain and sorrow in their eyes, but due to their large number, he could not listen to each devotee in a ‘one-to-one’ situation. Once I asked Baba Ji as to how does he console them all. Baba Ji said, “I remember God by way of Sumiran and pray that no one in the world may remain unhappy or in pain”. He explained that as a matter of fact, everybody experiences pain and joy in life. But we should keep ourselves balanced. We should have deep faith in God and express our gratitude both in favourable as well as unfavourable circumstances. Even in worst situation we should not think even for a moment that God could do something better for us. Let us never think that what God is doing is not good for us.

In this way, if we go on describing day and night the life and teachings of Baba Ji that he gave us in Satsang, we just cannot complete it. We are likely to miss one aspect or the other. Whatever I learnt through my personal experience with Baba Ji or during congregations addressed by Him, was that whatever we do in life with God as base, it shall be good both for self as well as others or the society. God is most important while everything else is secondary. We should not take God as the last but first support.

Once I got an opportunity to serve a glass of water to Baba Ji in His office. Suddenly I saw Baba Ji doing Sumiran. So I stopped at the door with the tray in my hands. After some time, He looked at me and smiled. At once I offered the water. Baba Ji noticed that I wanted to ask some question. So, He on His own explained and said – I had not realised the presence of God and done Sumiran for about half-an-hour.

At this, I felt ashamed and thought that if being Satguru, Baba Ji did not tolerate a gap of half-an-hours’ time for remembering God or doing Sumiran then what about many of us who sometimes fail to remember God for the whole day and do not even do Sumiran later on and pray to be forgiven for the mistake.

So, I would not like to take more of your time. It is already raining outside and all of you who have been sitting here for the last about four hours, have go back home at far off places. My mind also goes to Avneet Ji who was also remembered along with Baba Ji on this day today. Even though I got a very short time to spend with him, each moment of his life showed what an ideal Gursikh has to be or what kind of life a Gursikh should have! We did not learn this during his lifetime only, even today we remember the small things of his life which give us the parameters on which we can know whether we too have the qualities of a true Gursikh.

So, on this day, May 13 three years ago we witnessed that Baba Ji and Avneet Ji disappeared from our eyes in their physical form. I lost two very close relations. From worldly point of view my mother was also not keeping good health. This dilemma perplexed me. But, what I thought in that situation was that I had only Sumiran and Satsang to rely upon. In any situation in life these two things can take us across as comfortably as a tiny straw or a boat float on water and reach the coast. So, I too found the support of Sumiran and Satsang when I was deep in the ocean. In fact as taught by Baba Ji and Mata Ji, it was with Sumiran alone that I could keep my balance (Sehaj Bhav) and take every hardship as the will of God and kept moving forward in life.

In the end I pray to you all to remember all that Baba Ji did for us. He dedicated himself to our welfare. Let us give priority to Satsang. Let us meet as per our convenience as many people as possible and try our best to make their life more and more comfortable. No doubt we cannot repay the debt we owe to Baba Ji, but let us become true Nirankaris and act upon each and every lesson He taught us through His holy discourses in congregations from time to time or through His practical life. There will be no greater Samarpan or re-dedication that we can have towards Him.

Hereafter, I shall be able to see you only on the 30th of next month (June), because till that date I shall be on tour for a month. Even thereafter, Delhi will get only one or two days because I shall be on tour again for a month. Now I’ll not be able to take more of your time because we have already spent ten minutes more than the scheduled time of the congregation i.e., 9:30 p.m. You all have to travel to far off places while it is raining heavily.

To conclude, let me request you that in these times of social media, if you so desire you are welcome to upload Baba Ji’s photograph with a good caption but our real tribute does not lie with show off. Our tribute to him in real sense will be to change our life, our heart and to imbibe love, broad vision, humility and other good qualities. Nothing else than these qualities should reflect from our life.”

*   *   *