Nirankari Youth Symposium, Games, Birmingham: July 26-28, 2019

NYS UK and Europe: Second Day

NYS Birmingham (UK) Day-2: Symposium July 27, 2019 The second day of the United Kingdom Nirankari Youth Symposium (NYS) had a vital panel discussion on Six Elements followed by a Sufi Musical Evening.

Satguru Mata Ji in Her Vichar stated:

“Today on the third day of NYS, I can see the same level of excitement and enthusiasm amongst the saints, seen on the previous days. Even the change of date could not deter this ever-increasing spirit. The hard work of each and every team is quite evident at various stages. Each team has contributed significantly to make NYS event successful. Be it back-end team, designing team, decoration team, Sewa of speaking or just a simple participation as devotees. I can visualise the efforts and sleepless nights spent to make each and every segment impactful. Not a single performance was dull. Each presentation; be it act, play, Vichar or Geet did justice to its execution. Even when someone fumbled during the performance, the devotees sitting as viewers here, exuberated smiles and warmth just like a mother does to her child to make them comfortable and confident. Otherwise too, there is no need to get anxious during such events as we all are one extended family who are learning from each other. So basically, we have to learn from one another and have to present in front of each other too.

As it is 1 pm already, I would like to express my thoughts quickly in a minute or two. Devotees from various parts of U.K, Europe and Asia have come to participate. As I can see saints from Bedford, Leicester, London, Oxford, East London, Bradford, Yorkshire, Scotland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Malta, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. Everybody has displayed immense patience. In fact when the format of NYS was being designed someone mentioned that people here are not habitual of sitting for so long but, when I checked about the intermittent break, everybody said that its not required.

The way yesterday’s sports performances reminded us of the team spirit, there’s a lot to learn from today’s events too. Highlight of today’s performance was the scene where the qualities of all six elements were equated with respect to a Gurusikh’s life. Each element represents certain characteristic in our body like hunger signifies fire, tears characterize water and consciousness makes us aware, so basically each element teaches us something and above all Nirankar teaches us that how He is omnipresent and yet not immersed in His own creation.

I wanted to share some more thoughts but, time does not allow so before I conclude; my heartiest congratulations to all the teams, participants, elderly saints of the Mission, Executive Committee members and all those who have contributed in the growth of this Mission. This year Sant Nirankari Mission has completed 90 years of devotion. It becomes our responsibility to take this Mission forward and the best way to pass on the message of the Mission is through our actions. Any moment of our life should not be devoid of Gyan and Nirankar. As long as we follow Gyan, every situation in our life becomes easier to deal with but, as soon as we forget Nirankar; we become less tolerant, vengeful and impulsive. Realisation of Nirankar makes us empathetic towards everyone especially those who do not treat us nicely because we understand that, this person might not be well and needs medicine in the form of humility, Sewa, Simran and Satsang. We need to treat that person with more love and respect.

With these words, I would like to thank everyone once again, for your benign presence and taking out time to reach here from different countries. We saw programmes having participants from multiple cities. To execute a performance flawlessly, it is very important to practice together but, these saints managed to pull off every performance beautifully despite of practicing and rehearsing in different cities. They managed to connect through technology. Regardless of technical challenges the whole event turned out very well and it is all because of Nirankar. This Mission is a Mission of love, awareness and consciousness so when we constantly realise Nirankar in each act, then every task is accomplished blissfully.

Before I conclude, I would just like to convey to the delegates from America and Canada that next year we will organise NYS event there and before planning a tour to UK and Europe, I shall visit your countries too.”

*   *   *