Nirankari Youth Symposium, Middle East August 01-02, 2019

Nirankari Youth Games Held With All Enthusiasm in Dubai During Her overseas tour, Satguru Mata Ji along with Rev Ramit Chandana Ji, showered Her blessings on the young saints of Dubai and the nearby cities with Her Holy presence in NYS – Nirankari Youth Symposium.

During the first day, Nirankari Youth Games were organized. The youth showcased great energies in synergy with their acquired knowledge of God.

Satguru Mata Ji said:

“Today during Nirankari Youth Games, we saw a small sample that well reflected the proceedings for tomorrow. We saw great enthusiasm during the opening session. All presented different messages on achieving fitness in life through cultural performances and fitness dance forms be it Zumba, Bhangra or Band. While the enthusiasm and energy of youth was well showcased, there was a presentation on how we can combine it with our consciousness and wisdom. We saw in the Thana band that how the leader held the stick in his hand and was giving directions to his team without any verbal communication. The small gestures with the stick gave a clear direction on the formations to be made.

May Nirankar bless us so that we all similarly live our life under the guidance of the congregation. May our lives take the direction and formation in accordance with the teachings of the Mission. I came to know many saints have come all the way from India and the practices were happening 150 kilometers away from the actual venue. May almighty bless everyone with enough physical strength so that all can come to attend congregations and take part in Sewa with full energy.”


August 02, 2019
Blissful Moments of Divinity at NYS, Dubai

The Nirankari Youth Symposium held in Dubai was a reflection of heavenly experience during the second day under the Divine presence of Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj.

Saints from Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, Al Kush, Rashalkhima, Sharjah, Sajja, Ajman, Sonapur, Bujera, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Uganda, Philippines, Saudi, Lebanon, Muscat and India attended and participated in the much-awaited event with all enthusiasm, faith and devotion.

Satguru Mata Ji addressed the devotees and said:

“A few moments back all were seen attending and participating in NYS. Most of the youth seen today share the same feelings that how we can utilize the God-Knowledge in our day-to-day lives while bringing to use our wisdom and intelligence that we’ve got in the form of six elements. As we learnt about other elements as well through different acts, talk shows, poems, I must say that may Nirankar bless each participant who had put in efforts including the back stage team who contributed in scripting, sound or any other form.

I would like to congratulate each one and at the same time mention the discussion that goes around the energetic enthusiasm of youth and the experienced intelligence of elders. So, I must mention that the youth could only attend this event because the elders supported through Sewa at large including langar and many more. Like it’s mentioned in a sentence that of having an old head on a young body that clarifies that the youth holds the young body backed by the wisdom of experienced souls. Thereby, we were also experiencing the blissful moments of congregation after the event and I came to know that devotees from many places took part in the same. Saints from Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, Al Kush, Rashalkhima, Sharjah, Sajja, Ajman, Sonapur, Bujera, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Uganda, Philippines, Saudi, Lebanon and other places too if I missed, Muscat and India. All are aware of the truth that Lord Almighty is around us and is the closest to us in every form.

After attaining God-knowledge, we realize the fact that Nirankar is omnipresent and presides in every leaf, branch and particle of the universe. We must keep the same in our memory every moment, howsoever, our day passes by. Even when we meet someone and find our feelings going astray with unhealthy thoughts about the person, we must remind ourselves that between us and the person is Nirankar and this is sure to curb all the ill feelings for the person. If we remain intact with this realization every moment that we are living inside Nirankar, we will not make any mistakes intentionally. If we do any mistake unintentionally, we do Sumiran and seek for forgiveness and pray to Nirankar to bless with the wisdom that the same mistake is never repeated.

The feeling that Lord Almighty who we address with different names in devotion, be it God, Allah, Waheguru, resides inside us. We discussed the same in the skit that this body is not our true identity. This self-realization is only possible through God-realization. As we see in mosaic art, it has small pieces in different shades of colors that are diverse but, look beautiful when together. So, a thought struck me that we should not bring such thoughts in our mind that this person belongs to such a place or he has a certain skin color or any other thought that becomes the reason to hate the person because we know that all have come from one Lord Almighty. Even a hand doesn’t have fingers of equal size. There is some benefit or the other of things that look different from each other. So, be it small, elderly, young or someone with a certain social status, it is all due to an individual’s situation and everyone contributes according to that so there is no point of creating differences with each other. Like a razor blade is useful in shaving facial hair but, only an axe comes in use for cutting trees. Lord Almighty knows the right place for everyone.

When we stay connected with Nirankar, we understand the weightage of spiritual words coming from the mouth of a young kid and know how to utilize the experience of elderly people around us. I will take your leave because you have to have langar too and many buses have to depart from here after that. May Nirankar bless all. It was a great experience to be with all of you, though the time was limited but, it was worthwhile be it the sports event or symposium. I will try to come back here soon as couldn’t cover many countries in UAE.

May Nirankar bless all with enough wisdom that one doesn’t complaint in any situation. One should focus on improving his/her mental situation and should carry feelings of gratitude. Everything else is related to body, mind and wealth. May Nirankar bless all in accomplishing everything that is yet to be attained. Our limited mind considers many things happening around us to be not right but, Nirankar knows what is best for us. Whatever situation we are in, I pray to Nirankar that we keep faith in Him and stay thankful towards whatever we have. I shall take leave now.”

August 02, 2019
The Six Elements Well Presented At NYS, Dubai

The young devotees of Dubai well amalgamated their skills with the divine knowledge they have been well blessed with, to present the theme of six elements.

Satguru Mata Ji appreciated each and every saint who participated in the event and said:

“Today we all have gathered here in NYS to delve deep around the theme of six elements. Our body is constructed with the five elements and the sixth element is present in all other elements. The clarity in concepts that we received today has to be implemented in our lives with God’s grace. Everything presented here through different arts well reflected the efforts put in by each one. Even I got a chance to see a few glimpses during the practice hours yesterday, I must say all have put in a lot of hard work. Yesterday during sports activities, it was seen how everyone was presenting their feelings by connecting them through the various teachings that each sports activity renders. Similarly, the Mission has completed 90 years and we must try our level best to become live examples of the Mission and spread this light everywhere.”

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