Nirankari Youth Symposium, Hyderabad: January 18-20, 2019

NYS at Hyderabad Day 1

After attending NYS in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, Satguru Mata Ji and the entourage went to be part of the same event being organized in Hyderabad. Addressing the youth participating in NYS Games, Her Holiness said:

“I am immensely delighted to see the arrangements and enthusiasm for NYS games, being held here in Hyderabad for the first time. May Nirankar bless all and may you imbibe the values of team spirit and teachings hidden in each game in your life. Everyone plays different types of games in his/her life but, the enlightened souls find lessons from the hidden meaning in every game and learn from the rules or discipline defined in the game. May you keep raising the stature of life with such enthusiasm.”

NYS at Hyderabad Day 2

During Day 2, Satguru Mata Ji blessed the young fellow devotees for an amazing array of presentations put forth in the form of play, panel and dance. Her Holiness said:

“After witnessing NYS in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, it continues to be a spectacular display of presentation here in Hyderabad also. Be it in the form of games, art or knowledge put forth on the panel to portray the teachings and ideology of the mission and how we can make them part of our lives on day to day basis. The message was beautifully conveyed even the coordination with the team behind the stage during the games was wonderful. The enthusiasm and positive vibe in each one of you is praiseworthy and I would like to congratulate all for this. May Nirankar bless you with the same enthusiasm; there was no deviation during Symposium and the content was so grasping that one couldn’t take eyes off the stage. All remained seated, maintaining pin drop silence so each and every attempt was easily getting grasped.

Even the doubts cleared through questions put forth were addressed in the form of answers as solutions and many have admitted the level of satisfaction they feel after this session. Like mentioned about the omnipresent Nirankar that is the element of consciousness which is present in all other elements but still is aloof from rest of them and has its own unique properties. This is the main gist of God-knowledge, whosoever wants to know it with even better clarity can learn about it after the event and clear all the doubts and questions much more precisely. The congregation to be held today and even tomorrow will take form of a vast Samagam and we would see each other again. It was an amazing feeling today. If we go in the detail of each and every act, it will take much time to describe the beauty of each act.

As you saw the rehearsal shots on the screen; during that time the feedback was a bit of lack in terms of energy but, the presentation today was absolutely flawless. It is not possible with just one day’s practice but, appears to be an effort being put since months, be it acting or coordination in dance moves. I was told that one woman devotee who was supposed to perform as a main lead in a play met with an accident yesterday and had to undergo surgery, even the other woman devotee who was her substitute performed beautifully though without much rehearsal. May Nirankar continue to bless you with such enthusiasm and you continue to realize the main source of all. As we learnt from the panel today that when we lead our day to day life amidst materialistic world, we must include Nirankar in each and every work we perform and then it will become easy to do everything. Even when we are undergoing any ups and downs, we have to keep our minds in stability so that it doesn’t impact the psychology of our mind and seek blessings from Nirankar in every moment. That bliss will add pleasure in life and make it smooth and easy. Apart from this, the emphasis is laid upon attending congregations and remembering God through Simaran. May Nirankar bless all with much more heights in terms of such enthusiasm.”

Satsang Programme at Hyderabad Satsang

“Saints say with love Dhan Nirankar Ji. Saints, it is already past nine and the congregation time was decided till 9 O’clock. The feelings expressed by speakers on stage are no different from mine so even my thoughts are included in whatever was said here. All of you have come from faraway places and I want to thank you all for choosing to come here and I appreciate your efforts. You could have opted to indulge in other things in the materialistic world but, attending Satsang over other things is praiseworthy. It is similar to the example of a diamond and glass. If glass is moulded in the form of diamond, both diamond and glass would look alike. Only a jeweller would be able to identify the difference between the two on the basis of their qualities that which made diamond precious over glass. The glass would break into pieces the moment it is thrown on the ground. Similarly, all the people on earth look similar in appearance, in terms of eyes, nose, mouth and other facial features but, it is the knowledge of God that makes an enlightened soul different from other people.

I pray that you live in remembrance of God while attending congregations regularly and doing Simaran every moment at the same time connecting others who are away from this knowledge with this source.”

*   *   *