Nirankari Youth Symposium, Bengaluru: January 11-13, 2019

January 11-12, 2019

In the series of the Nirankari Youth Symposiums (NYS) Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj reached Bengaluru on January 10, 2019 the symposium was organized on January 11-12 after the two successful events of Delhi and Mumbai. Satguru Mata Ji was delighted to see youth participating in such a large number.

Satguru Mata Ji addressed the Youth attending the NYS and said:

“Saints, I am delighted to see you all here with a great spirit of enthusiasm. It’s not only from Bengaluru that you all have arrived here but, also from the neighbouring States. As you all know this series of NYS was started from Delhi and then we had one in Mumbai. Now we are here in Bengaluru and it is a delight to see all your efforts. Next week there will be one held in Hyderabad.

You all are now well aware that in this Nirankari Youth Forum the Symposium is just a revival of the forum which was started by Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and continued in the Divine presence of Baba Hardev Singh Ji. Now, this is being held according to the need of the times as some saints have questions which need clarity or a content that can be implemented in our day to day life.

Saints, you all have gathered here from faraway places since 9 am and even earlier than that maintaining the same energy in this heat till now, watching and understanding each aspect of every performance. We can see the entire hall occupied with young saints from not just Karnataka but from Tamil Nadu, Goa and Kerala as well. Those who couldn’t reach here saw the live webcast. Hence, the entire Nirankari family got the opportunity to see the different messages given today, be it that of Unity in Diversity or Universal Brotherhood. We also saw in the skit how the musical medley presented a harmonious sound. On the contrary, in the absence of harmony in oneness; if the instruments do not play in synchronization then the pleasantness of music cannot be enjoyed.

Yesterday you saw youth participating in Sports Day and as they took part in games and multiple matches they maintained the decorum and discipline of the game rules. Even in the opening ceremony, it was observed that all these games are played across the world by everyone but, you all played while understanding the teachings and the message behind each game to imbibe it in your lives and making it worthwhile.

Like I mentioned today is the occasion of Mata Savinder Ji’s birthday and as She wished to see the feeling of oneness so that everyone moves together shoulder to shoulder, the same could be seen here today among the youth. I would congratulate all present here who have attained God-knowledge and would like to say that if all ensure to live each moment of life in realisation of Almighty then no one would make any mistake intentionally or hurt anyone realising the fact that this Nirankar is omnipresent.

Those who have yet not attained God-knowledge and have read Holy Scriptures or about saints who lived in South India be it Naam Dev Ji, Tukaram Ji, Kabir Ji, Meera Bai Ji, they too read Holy Scriptures and lead normal lives, till they attained God-knowledge. That brought a revolution in their lives and elevated them in the real sense and they are known till date for their devotion. Those who have yet not attained God-knowledge can be blessed with the same after the event.

It was delightful to see your enthusiasm including the backstage team; all have been involved since the start of the preparation and practices. I would like to congratulate all for organizing this so beautifully. May Nirankar bless you all with Sewa, Sumiran and Satsang.”