Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From December 01, 2019 onwards
Bhowali, Uttar Pradesh: December 15, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj along with Her esteemed spouse Rev Ramit Ji and the entourage reached Bhowali, Uttarakhand on December 15, 2019 from Haldwani.

Satguru Mata Ji inaugurated a newly constructed Satsang Bhawan here and showered Her blessings. Due to the bad weather the Satsang which was to be held in the open grounds of the Municipal Corporation was shifted to the Satsang Bhawan.

Addressing devotees from the entire hilly region of Uttarakhand Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“Today, in spite of uncomfortable weather conditions, everyone has been sitting in the congregation for almost three hours. From the beginning of the program, few devotees have been diligently helping others, simply because they regard the fellow disciples in high esteem. They serve with love and care, to give them happiness is one of the purposes of their life.

Let us pray that this Divine Knowledge is well established in us. The spiritual journey starts only after experiencing the God Realization (Brahmgyan). A devotee should live in remembrance of the Omnipresent, with a well-founded faith that he has the divine protection. Situations in life are neither bad nor we should blame God for them. They occur for a definite cause and a purpose. We should firmly believe that challenges come in life to educate and evolve us. Initially one may feel disappointed or disturbed but, eventually he will realize the relevance of the difficult situation in his life. Just like gold has to go through the fire to become flexible enough to take any shape. Similarly human beings also pass through difficult as well as happy phases to blossom and become wise.

After realizing the divinity all around, the devotee is able to surrender himself to God and is in a blissful state of mind. His thoughts are in constant remembrance of God. He enjoys the company of saints and does selfless service. So much so that whenever he misses out on the above mentioned activities, he feels incomplete and dissatisfied. Let us pray that we incorporate all three aspects of devotion in our life because it is totally our responsibility to stay connected to the Almighty God.

We are enjoying the bliss of this congregation in a weather which is very pleasant and the view is also very scenic, surrounded by mountains. One can feel the fresh cool breeze. Since ages, saints have been preaching that we should focus to become healthy and beautiful physically as well as emotionally. There should be no arrogance in our behavior rather we should express love and compassion. Our faith in God should be resolute and unyielding. A flower never speaks for itself. Its sweet smell and beauty draws everyone near. In the same way our presence and actions should also exude fragrance of love and softness in our nature like a flower. Everyone would be driven automatically and get inspired to experience the Divine Knowledge if our thoughts and actions exemplify the eternal teachings of saints but, we get so engrossed in our problems that the presence and the power of the Supreme is forgotten.

Let us pray that we forgive and forget the follies of others, and spread love. It is our responsibility to represent the ideology of the mission befittingly. The whole world is watching us closely. We should focus to become a messenger of the mission through our ethical and noble behavior.”

*   *   *