Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From December 01, 2019 onwards
Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh: December 12, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj reached the city of Lakhimpur from Bahraich along with Rev. Ramit Chandna Ji and the entourage.

Addressing a vast gathering of devotees from Lakhimpur and the neighbouring areas.

In Her holy Satguru Mata Ji stated in Her holy discourses:

“Today, in Lakhimpur, devotees from neighboring towns and Nepal have come to participate in the holy congregation. As soon as one starts the journey from one’s house towards the congregation, a spiritual connection is established. May you progress in devotion of the Almighty (Nirankar). May the desire to attend the holy congregation (Satsang), to be in constant remembrance of God (Simran), as well as to do selfless service (Sewa) is reinforced. May we ask for forgiveness for ill-treating others and even for the mistakes done at thought level. Let us pray that we are able to surrender ourselves and see divinity in everyone irrespective of so much diversity in culture, dress code, and food habits. May we are bighearted enough to share our wealth for the benefit of society.

We must realize that it is our responsibility to be compassionate, charitable and modest. When we feel the presence of the Supreme Power everywhere then oneness prevails. There should be harmony and peaceful coexistence in the society. We have built such strong walls of hatred in our thoughts that we are caught in them. It is a necessity to break those walls of hatred and build bridges of love so that there is harmony and peaceful coexistence. Only if we encourage unity and consensus amongst ourselves, the whole universe will seem to be one big family. Then we will be able to see others in our own mirror image. There will be acceptance for each other irrespective of the fact that different paths of spirituality and faiths are followed.

The truth is that only after experiencing God Realization (Brahmgyan) our spiritual journey starts. Then questions like, who am I, and where will I go after leaving this body, are answered. One can realize, during lifetime that I am not the body and after death the soul shall merge in the Super Soul. Only and when this knowledge is fully established in our thoughts, we see the futility of holding on to negative thoughts like arrogance and hatred. After the realization that only one Supreme Power is the constant, eternal factor in life, our foremost endeavor should be to bring harmony, peace, love and unity in the universe.

We must always remember that God is Omnipresent. All efforts should be to enhance our lives by observing and nurturing positivity in our behaviors. By giving comfort to others in their times of need. We have to make the choice what kind of human we want to be; one who gives pain and stress to others or one who spreads happiness and lives in gratitude. We should attempt to become such an individual that people would aspire for. The demeanor and character of a person should be so inspirational that his presence emits fragrance of spirituality and the people around him feel as though they are connected with God.

We must make a resolution to enhance our life according to the doctrines prophesied by the saints since ages. It should be a life worth living and not just an inhaling and exhaling activity. We should do our obligatory duties towards our family, and community with sincerity. Saints have advocated that the most important concern of our existence is to experience God Realization (Brahmgyan). To stay in connection with the Supreme Power as much as we can because that will facilitate serenity and composure in life.

God is the only power that is static, which does not change in any given circumstances. If we surrender and stay connected to this Supreme Power, we cannot get disturbed in any situation. The mind remains in a blissful state and the sole purpose of life becomes to serve others. Our thought process, our behavior, our actions, everything should be focused to bring love and happiness in other people’s life. Eventually, one is thankful to God for choosing him to be the channel for spreading love and happiness.

The point to be noticed here is that minor positive changes in our behavior and thoughts show such good results that they pave a way for a joyous, happy existence where tough, challenging situations are unable to dishearten. Gratification and contentment takes over comparisons and complaints in life. Another very meaningful observation is that problems, if not given undue significance, die a natural death. There should be a balanced approach to handle both sad and happy situations. Neither one should be depressed in sorrow nor ecstatic in joy. Our prime objective should be to enhance the human life by implementing the teachings of holy beings.

May everyone progresses on the path of spirituality by doing selfless service, constant remembrance of God, and seeks to be in the company of evolved souls.”

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