Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From December 01, 2019 onwards
Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh: December 09, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj along with Her esteemed spouse Rev Ramit Ji and the entourage reached Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh on December 9, 2019 from Kanpur.

Addressing devotees from the entire region of Uttar Pradesh Satguru Mata Ji stated:

Today, in the town of Raibrelly, since few hours, all of you have been listening to the pearls of wisdom in the form of poems, songs and speeches. In spite of constraints in space everyone has accommodated each other patiently and with discipline. It is essential to understand, that mere listening will not be beneficial unless we try to grasp the message conveyed. A sincere effort is needed to enhance our life, by implementing the divine teachings. It is very important to develop the human values like compassion, tolerance, humility and many more, by doing selfless service, by being in the company of saints and by recognizing our true identity. There should be clarity in mind regarding our origin where do we go after death and how to lead our life.

As explained by our saints, the only way to achieve this wisdom in life is to experience God Realization (Brahmgyan). This knowledge not only guides us during our lifetime, it also shows the path to salvation. Let us pray that we all are able to live our life in constant remembrance of God, we do selfless service and we are in the company of evolved souls. We should be vigilant enough not to put ourselves in a situation where we repent later, so that we are able to live our life in peace and contentment.

When we talk about a neighbor it signifies a nearby resident, it also suggests the neighboring towns, cities and countries in the world. Even in the body, heart can be considered as a neighbor of the brain. Firstly, the thought to help or harm is born in the mind, then it fructifies into action. The only way to drop negative thoughts is to take refuge in God who is omnipotent, omnipresent, immortal, eternal and imperishable. Thereafter an individual comprehends the divine values and eventually drops the desire to harm others because he realizes that in doing that he will be the first one to suffer. In order to throw a hot piece of coal at somebody, it has to be picked up which burns one’s own hand first. Similarly by nurturing negative feelings we are the ones to suffer.

The message conveyed is that it is not definite that one will succeed in ruining anyone but surely he will wreck his own life, because God has His own ways to protect everyone. If we try to burn somebody’s house and suddenly the winds blow towards our own house then who is the loser here? A poet has beautifully written, O Man, this was your house only, which you burnt, thinking it to be mine.”

Even though reference is for the neighbor, broadly speaking it implies for anyone in the world who is in pain and suffering. We should be a soothing agent to whosoever is in distress. If we inflict pain on others there would be no peace and happiness in our own life too. Rather we should try our best to support and comfort the one who is in a difficulty.

During our childhood days we had read a story of two friends. One had toffees and the other friend had beautiful pebbles with him. They decided to exchange the toffees and the pebbles amongst themselves. The friend gave away all toffees to his friend but the one, who had pebbles, kept the best pebble with him. Both of them retire to their homes. The friend who had given all his toffees sleeps very contented and is thankful to God for giving him the opportunity to play with beautiful pebbles, whereas his friend, who received the toffees, is very disturbed. He is unable to sleep because he doubts his friend’s intentions. This reflects that when we try to damage anyone, weather he suffers or not is in God’s hands, but our downfall is definite.

It is very essential to embrace the divine qualities in our life. If someone is in need, be it emotional or materialistic, and we have the means, then initiative must be taken to support and fulfill it. A devotee always lives his life in gratitude, with positivity and faith that the Lord has given him in plenty. He always maintains that in spite of health or wealth problems in his life, God is always there to protect him. There is immense satisfaction and happiness in sharing with others.

An evolved person will never support others in arrogance or vanity. Rather, he will consider it to be an opportunity to do selfless service. Since childhood days we have been listening to a very famous quote that do your best and leave the rest.

Our intention and action should always be motivated by the desire to help without any expectations. Although it is a reality, that good actions yield good results only.

It is very candidly stated that our neighbor’s safety is as important as our own. Let us clearly understand that there is no personal growth in creating trouble for others. If we will not comprehend this concept then nature will teach a lesson by giving us blows and shocks in life. The whole world is one big family (Vasudev Kutumbkam). We must visualize unity in diversity. Every individual is special because the same Supreme Power resides in all, irrespective of different culture, caste, food habits and behavior. There should be humbleness in our communication with people. Our actions should exemplify the righteous attitude.

Repeatedly example of the fire has been mentioned. We get to know in the news also that one tiny spark of fire burnt the whole forest. It requires few seconds to catch a fire but, very long to blow it out. Saints undertake the task to extinguish the fire of negativity.

There is one more very popular example of a bird that dips her tiny wings in water and then flies with her wet wings to put out a fire. Her fellow beings laugh at her saying it is an impossible effort but, the bird says that she wants her name to be remembered with those who helped to extinguish the fire and not who ignited it. Certainly she cannot extinguish the fire but, she is confident that she is in the right direction.

We should try to give maximum comfort and support to others. When there will be a world without walls and indiscrimination then it will be a life worth living. A situation never gives joy or suffering, all depends on the choices we make. For some, half filled glass of water can bother immensely whereas some can express gratitude to God for the same glass. When the divine wisdom is adopted then there is a transformation in life. We must realize that after going through many forms, a human body is acquired. This is a golden opportunity to realize and experience the Supreme Power, to enhance our life and contribute goodness in the society. Just like the fragrance of the flower expresses its presence, similarly the virtuous life leaves a very positive impact on the people.

Let us pray that we are able to enrich our life as per the valuable teachings of our saints. They have given us the standard principles of behavior and the direction to meditate on Almighty in each breath every moment.”


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