Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From December 01, 2019 onwards
Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh: December 11, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj reached the city of Bahraich from Faizabad along with Rev. Ramit Chandna Ji and the entire tour team.

Today evening a mammoth gathering of devotees and God loving people was addressed by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj.

In Her holy discourse Satguru Mata Ji stated:

“Today, in the school grounds of Bahraich, devotees from neighboring towns and even from Nepal have come to attend the holy congregation.

May everyone be blessed by the Almighty (Nirankar). It is very important to realize that mere attending the congregation and listening to all these saints will not be beneficial unless we apply the values, talked about today in our lives, because actions speak louder than words. Since 90 years, The Nirankari Mission has pledged to spread the Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan) in the world. This knowledge connects the soul to the super soul. It reminds you that I am not the body but, a spiritual existence in human form. It is the divine experience that gives immense strength to affront any tough situation. It brings peace and acceptance in life. One starts living his life in gratitude. Through God Realization identity of the self is realized which brings liberation from bondages of human life. In Hardev Bani it is mentioned.

In the above verse, out of the many human values, the quality of being humble is discussed. We must behave impartially with everybody. There should not be any discrimination because we all are the devotees of the same Supreme Power. We should not be arrogant in our behavior with others. Whether we are well educated or uneducated, it does not matter where we are born, in a upper or lower caste, nothing is more important than being courteous, gracious, well mannered, thoughtful and humble. A seed, when sown in the soil, nourishes its roots and as it bears fruits its branches start bending towards the ground, similarly, in spite of holding high academic accolades we must exhibit modesty in our conduct. There should not be a display of egotism but, of gratitude for all the achievements in life. The credit should be given to God Almighty (Nirankar) for everything. There is a story about a king who visits his spiritual master and asks him what he can offer as a gift to express his gratitude.

The guru tells the king to brush away the flies that were flying around his body. The king feels offended because he felt brushing away the flies was a menial job, which does not befit a king. Half hearted, the king does what his guru wants. The guru noticed the king’s feelings and made him realize that no job is menial and any gift given with pride is of no value. He further explained that humility is the essence behind every action.

The moral of the story is that we should neither be egoistic, nor proud of our status. Rather there should be tolerance, acceptance and magnanimity in our hearts. If confronted by rude or unpleasant behavior, we should not react, but show patience and pray to god to bless the person with divine qualities.

The above message clearly indicates that all accomplishments in a person are nullified when he is ostentatious in his demeanor. The best way to manifest the virtues is to live them in reality.

There should not be a false and a temporary exhibition of values. Whereas, a true devotee lives a soulful, inspiring, meaningful journey in undiminished humbleness and gratitude. Just as no one can guess the height of a lion in a sitting position with his head bowing down, similarly no one can judge the greatness of an unpretentious, modest, gentle saint.

Sant Kabir Dass Ji’s life is a very appropriate case study. He had not received any formal education, yet his writings in the form of famous Dohas are being taught in many universities and thesis is being written on his works. Today many would aspire to be like him. He talked about humans above caste and creed. We all should pursue to imbibe the humane qualities of tolerance, compassion, and humility .We should be always ready to help those who are needy, and never hurt anyone.

A person who is pure at heart, full of love, is willing to forgive the mistakes, is concerned for the welfare of fellow beings, such a human being is worthy of praise and respect. Where ever he goes will be admired and highly valued. Certainly he will motivate the people around him to think about their shortcomings and inspire them to improve.

In the same manner the more we connect with the God Almighty (Nirankar) we will assimilate it’s divine qualities of being bountiful, benevolent, unbiased, righteous and nondiscriminatory, in our own conduct. It should be our prime goal to lead a value based positive human life.

A humble being always attracts people around him. Arrogance is always the cause of downfall in life. We must also strive to be humble in our temperament. A grass is the ideal symbol to illustrate this thought. Grass blades are always short in height, close to the ground, so soft and flexible that the river cannot damage them, whereas, the force of water can break high and lofty mountains. Repeatedly it is being stated that humility must be adopted in life. There is a famous couplet, what is the use of tall date trees because neither their fruits are within reach nor does the tree provide any shade. So let us not behave like tall trees, but learn the lesson from the grass. We must make every effort to be kind and gentle in speech and character because such a behavior generates tranquility and safeguards from the feelings of regret or remorse.

Let us make an endeavor to bring peace and love in the society. Our contributions should be to create harmony and not any discord.

Such an individual effortlessly becomes the beloved of everyone. His pleasant personality and behavior attracts and motivates people to be like him. This shows that we always have the choice to administer our activities, to either choose the direction that is harmful to others or one which generates peace and calmness within and around us. As we choose so shall be its chain reaction, just like our hand will burn and become numb instantly if put it in hot and cold water respectively. Similarly we can neither be negligent towards our choices nor take the life for granted. We must always live in awareness of the Supreme Power. This Supreme connection not only guards us from doing wrong to others, it also makes us realize our mistakes immediately. Let us pray that this connection and awareness of the Almighty becomes secure and eternal in our personality. This can be possible only when we do selfless service to mankind, not as a pity but as our obligatory duty, when we surrender to the will of God, when we listen the valuable teachings of various saints in the holy congregations, attentively and when we live in constant remembrance of the Formless and ask for forgiveness for our mistakes.

Since ages saints have been focusing that Humility is like a precious jewel designed to be adorned by everyone. For example, in one of the old times serial on TV, a man shown with a crown on his head can easily be identified as a king, similarly humility exhibited in a being is like a crown on a man. We have to eradicate hatred, and nurture compassion. We have to stay away from arrogance. We are responsible for creating such huge walls of disparity that we ourselves are in bondages. Interestingly, the same material is used for making walls and bridges, so let us break these walls of ego, and build bridges to connect with the hearts of people. By adopting these measures we beautify our selves as well as others too.

I will not take more time because everyone has to go back to their homes. May Almighty bless everyone with the capability to lead a fulfilling life. Let us not complain for anything, rather we should express gratitude and have a strong faith in God that whatever we have is best for us. Only then we prove worthy of being human.”

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