Salvation Tour by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

From December 01, 2019 onwards
Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh: December 01, 2019

As the 72nd Samagam concluded, Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj left for a fortnightly tour of Uttar Pardesh which covered about 14 Stations.

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj left Delhi on the 1st December, 2019 along with Her esteemed spouse Ramit Chandna Ji and entourage. The first halt was Aligarh- The city of locks.

Addressing a vast gathering of devotees from Aligarh and the neighbouring areas Satguru Mata Ji said

“After the commencement of the Samagam, Aligarh town is the first destination on the tour. Today, the devotees talked about The God Almighty (Nirankar) with immense devotion and conviction. They shared that God (Nirankar) is omnipotent, it is beyond time, changeless, endless, and the universe is its own creation. The soul in the body, is also a part of this Supreme Power. Our life would become progressive and pleasant if we initiate God (Nirankar) as a substratum in our lives.

We are familiar that Aligarh is famous for its locks. One devotee also expressed that every lock has a key. We, humans, should lock our hearts and minds from negative thoughts. I fully endorse that God (Nirankar) is the key solution to all types of situations. The world is tied by many chains of disparities, which blindfold the man from seeing God (Nirankar) in everyone. The feeling of hatred amongst the fellow beings is the lock that can be opened by the key of Divine Knowledge (Brahmgyan). Let our hearts and minds become the seat of the Supreme Power just like the name of the town, Aligarh signifies, Ali -Garh ,’ A House of Ali.’ May we be filled with love for God (Nirankar) so much that we not only benefit our own self but, also leave a positive impact on all those who come in contact with us. This can be possible if we make an effort to improve ourself first, by building a strong faith in God Almighty (Nirankar). By attending the Satsang daily where the message of Universal Brotherhood, Unity in Diversity is reinforced. Remembrance of the Supreme Power (Nirankar) each moment becomes a prayer for forgiveness and gratitude. Automatically the desire to serve is generated. With service, humility is generated in a devotee’s life.

You all heard the details of the scheduled tour in the satsang today. Many devotees present today had attended the Samagam also. We all talk about the golden times in the three Yugs, namely Satya, Dwapara and Treta. In all times the Divine Knowledge has been the same. It is that the man’s mind needs correction. Only when we take the support of this knowledge, the Truth, the godly qualities will be cultivated in us. I shall not take more time with these words I shall take your leave.”

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