Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Nirankari Chowk, Delhi North: September 29, 2019

After returning from a three-week long tour of Punjab and Uttarakhand, Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj blessed the devotees of New Delhi on September 29, 2019 during Sunday Satsang at Ground No.8, Burari Road.

Her Holiness said:

“I am getting to see all the saints of Delhi after almost 3 weeks’ time. As mentioned about the recent tours of Punjab and Uttarakhand, it was a great feeling to see so many souls who are a part of the Super-Soul. The saints gave a lot of love there as well. All were so anxious for a glance. I realize it is a two-way process and I wish to accumulate all the love that I get from all of you. As we are running ahead of time, I would want to say one thing that after attaining God-knowledge, we get to know the importance of human values and we discuss them too. We talk about being compassionate but, when the situation arises, we don’t take much time to let others down and say hurtful words.

So, we must always remember one most important thing that after attaining this God-Knowledge, we have got to see Nirankar Almighty everywhere. So, we have to understand the value of this Divine Light as we are lucky enough to have reached this stature of life. We have to prove ourselves now. If we get to see any flaw in any being, we must try to avoid highlighting it. Even if we as well-wishers want to tell about anyone’s mistake then the way of telling should be right. We must not make the person feel inferior or say it in a hurtful manner.

I pray to Almighty that may all of you live each moment of life as a fragrant flower, so that anyone who crosses you gets those vibes of positivity and happiness. It should not be the other way round that people get all the more stressed after coming in contact with anyone amongst us. All the saints who are connected with Sant Nirankari Mission responsibility to shoulder. May Nirankar fill us with such virtues that we always move with the thought of doing good to each and every one living in this world. May all live with the feeling of gratitude and do Sewa, Simran, Satsang with more dedication with each passing day. May all find contentment and happiness in the will of Nirankar. We must always remember that we are actually living our lives in the real manner when we are keeping Nirankar in our consciousness.”

*   *   *