Satsang Programme in the Divine Presence of
Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj

Dehradun, Uttarakhand: September 22, 2019

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj visited the foothills of Mussoorie in the city of Dehradun on 22nd September. Mata Ji addressed the large congregation and stated:

“Last Sunday, we all gathered in Mussoorie, today again we are here for Satsang in Dehradun. I recalled that since September 2018, we are meeting here at the same venue for the third time. Today, your decision to attend the Satsang, to utilise your time by singing the glories of Nirankar shows your high spiritual intent. It is very important to understand that our spiritual journey does not end with the mere knowledge of Nirankar. Our devotion towards Sewa, Simran and Satsang, our experience of knowing the true self, our connection with Nirankar, starts with the Divine Knowledge (Bramhgyan). It is only when the soul connects with the super soul that one learn the art of living. We have to realise that each moment becomes sublime when we are in tune with the Almighty Nirankar. All this can be achieved by attending the congregation attentively. The purpose of attending Satsang is to evolve oneself. Each speaker, be it young or old, each composition, be it a poem, a speech or a song were very positive and motivating today. These teachings are not a matter to be talked about with others in the society, rather, they should reflect in our thoughts, actions and behaviour. May Nirankar bless all of us with the ability to grasp and imbibe all the key learnings shared by our speakers.

Since time immemorial, in all the Yugas; Satyug, Dwapar, and Kalyug, saints have been preaching the same Divine Knowledge. The way to attain true happiness has been the same. The only way to achieve this knowledge is to be in the company of the saints. They are the only ones who guide humanity for a permanent happiness which is bliss. Bliss is a very composed state where mind raises its level of happiness. One can achieve this state by being in the company of saints. It is them who motivate and inspire mankind to realise the purpose of life. Saints connect us with the ultimate and permanent truth. Though there are many realities which are transitory and impermanent; for example night comes it is a reality only till the day does not start. Over here we are talking about Nirankar which is eternal. It was, is, and always will be. It is the only permanent truth. So it is of utmost importance that we as humans connect with the supreme as much as we can. It is only through Sewa, Simran, and Satsang that the qualities of Nirankar like large heartedness, purity of mind will reflect in us. Not only that, it is the connection with the supreme which saves us from doing harm to others. It generates higher human values in our lives. It makes us realise the presence of Nirankar which keeps our thoughts and actions in check. This realisation brings humility, surrenderance and oneness towards Nirankar. It compels the human mind to think good for everyone. It also highlights the fact that Nirankar is for the entire mankind. It is not partial. Those who connect with Him see oneness in everyone. Bhai Kanahyalal is one such example. He was assigned the duty to give water to the soldiers in war and because of his Brahmgyan he did not differentiate between the soldiers of both armies. He gave water to everyone. He knew that in spite of different cultures, habits, food and attire, the soul of man is the same in everyone. We all are a part of one Nirankar. If we humans follow these rules in our lives we will be blessed. Even more, this knowledge will save us from arrogance and bring humility in our lives.

By imbibing these noble thoughts and actions we will enrich our life. We should realise that even though there are various cultures and different countries, the soul in each human is the same. Our actions should speak more than our words. It is very important to be in the self-correction mode always. We all have taken a pledge to surrender our body, mind and wealth to Nirankar. It should be our constant effort to do selfless service to mankind and share this Divine Knowledge with as many friends and relatives as we can. May Nirankar bless each house with this Divine-knowledge.”

*   *   *